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7 DIY Yard Games for Frugal Outdoor Fun This Weekend

If you’re going a little stir crazy and are lucky enough to have a yard, it may be your saving grace as the weather gets warmer. Getting a little outdoor time can lift your spirits and make you feel more normal. And what better way to enjoy your yard than playing yard games? These seven DIY yard games can bring you and your family hours of fun without the need to venture out to a store or wait for an online order.

Cornhole Boards via A Wonderful Thought

Cornhole is a fun and popular yard game that the whole family can get into. We selected this tutorial because the results look like a fancy store-bought cornhole board, but it is so much more affordable. If someone in your family has construction skills and the right tools, you can put this together with some common materials and decorate it to suit your tastes.

Pool Noodle DIY Toss Game via While He Was Napping

Pool noodles are such convenient and affordable materials, which is why we love this tutorial. All you have to do is tape and/or string them together to form your targets. You can even take it apart when you’re done to reuse the noodles. Pool noodles are still readily available, so if you don’t have any, you can order them from sites like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe via One Creative Mommy

If your family loves playing frisbee, this tutorial is for you! It’s easy, so even the crafting-challenged can put it together. If you don’t have frisbees, don’t worry! You could try it with other appropriately-sized objects you can throw, like bean bags.

Ping Pong Ball Nerf Targets via Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

Remember those fun carnival games where you shoot water at a target? This project is similar, which is why we included it in the list. It’s so reminiscent of the familiar game, but you don’t need anything out of the ordinary to put it together.

DIY Ring Toss via I Should Be Mopping the Floor

We selected this project because it looks so elegant that you might want to use it as decoration when you’re not playing. However, it is also a functional game that uses materials you might already have on hand. If you don’t have everything, you could also adjust the project based on what you have in your house.

DIY Bowling via Trish Sutton

If you’ve been hitting your pantry hard, you probably have plenty of empty cans that are ready for recycling. But rather than getting rid of them, this tutorial shows you how to repurpose them into a fun bowling game. This project makes the list because it is such a clever use of materials you might otherwise dispose of.

Turn Your Deck Into a Board Game via Design Dazzle

We included this idea for all the families that love board games. This project is easy to customize with whatever your family might enjoy doing, and you could change it up every time you play. If you don’t have a deck or don’t want to put tape on it, we also think you could make a similar game board on your driveway using chalk.

What are your favorite yard games? Let us know in the comments section below!

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