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How to Use Dollar General Digital Coupons

Did you know that Dollar General offers exclusive digital coupons?! In addition to print-at-home manufacturer coupons that you can get from sources like, DG Digital Coupons allow you access to some of the best store-specific savings they have to offer, no clipping or printing needed!

Create or log in to your Dollar General account on your mobile phone or computer. Then navigate to DG Digital Coupons to add available offers to your account. At checkout, redeem these offers by simply typing in your phone number into the pin pad. You can even receive a digital receipt of your purchase via text message or email so you can watch the savings add up in your account dashboard.

How to Add Digital Coupons

There are two ways to add digital coupons to your Dollar General account from the DG Digital Coupons page:

  1. Browse the coupons and click the yellow plus sign (+) next to any coupon, or
  2. Click on the clipboard icon in the top right hand corner to view My Shopping List. Once the list is open, type any item into the Add An Item search bar, then click the yellow plus sign (+) or simply hit Enter on your keyboard.

All of your selected coupons will now be stored in your Shopping List. Access your list at any time by clicking on the clipboard icon.

As you start to shop and use your digital coupons, you will be able to access and review your coupon savings history online. Just click on the dollar sign icon in the top left hand corner of your DG Digital Coupons page to view your digital receipts as well as total dollars saved.

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