COVID-19 Parenting Tips

6 Creative Ways to Entertain Kids During Quarantine

It doesn’t look like the COVID-19 quarantine is ending any time soon. With kids home from school for such an extended period of time, you may be running out of ideas for fun things for your kids to do. Watching movies and playing games can help pass the time, but sometimes switching up the routine can be a welcome change. The next time your kids are bored, try out these six fun activities to keep them entertained during quarantine!

Play Dress-Up

Playing dress-up can help children escape from reality into a fun fantasy world. Kids can use their own clothes and old Halloween costumes, or you could add to the fun by lending some of your clothes and/or a bedsheet. Dressing up may be fun on its own, but to make it even more fun, kids can match their outfit to the activity they’re engaging in. For instance, they could dress up as a movie star to attend your family’s movie night.

Put On Plays

Many kids enjoy performing, so putting on a play for you could be the highlight of their week! Preparing the play can bring hours of fun. Kids might write a script, put together props and sets, and wear costumes. Retelling familiar stories, like their favorite books or movies, might be easiest, but making up a new story could be a good way to exercise their creativity.

Have Scavenger Hunts

Staying at home can seem humdrum, but going on a scavenger hunt can turn an ordinary day into an adventure. You might put together a scavenger hunt for things kids can find around the house, like “something shiny” or “something soft.” If you feel like getting creative, you could have a more elaborate scavenger hunt with clues that lead kids to their next clue.

Make an Obstacle Course

You could set up an obstacle course in your house or backyard with items you already have on hand. Kids may enjoy going over, under, around, or through the obstacles that you set up. Older children might also enjoy helping come up with clever obstacles for their younger siblings.

Make Videos for Friends and Family

Just because you can’t visit your friends and family doesn’t mean your child can’t reach out to them. Children often enjoy performing for the camera, so they might like making videos to send to friends and family that they miss. They can do vlogs that give updates on how your family is doing or they could get creative and put together funny videos. If the videos turn out really well, you might even consider starting your own family YouTube channel.

Get Crafty

Crafts can be so fun to make! If you have craft supplies in your house, children might enjoy decorating your home with their clever creations. Even if you don’t have standard craft supplies, though, your kids can get crafty with items you have on hand! Discarded cardboard boxes, old newspapers and magazines, and other clean items you might otherwise discard can be repurposed for a fun project. Kids are creative, so they may find clever uses for items you see as trash.

What activities have your kids enjoyed? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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