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Free Kids Event: Make Festive Gingerbread Shirts!

JCPenney is at it again with another amazing, free kids event. If you missed last month’s “Frozen 2” event, don’t worry! On December 14, from 11am-noon, parents can bring their children to JCPenney’s free Kids Zone Event to decorate a festive gingerbread t-shirt.

JCPenney will provide the essential supplies, including a t-shirt, stencils, and markers. In addition, children can receive a collector’s pin, a lanyard, and an ID badge for participating.

jcpenney kids zone event december 2019

JCPenney intends to host Kids Zone events every month, so there are plenty more projects planned for down the road. Once your child completes six projects, he or she can receive a Master Medallion.

Children must be accompanied by an adult, but there’s something in it for you, too! Parents receive a 10% off coupon they can use the day of the event.

Check back to Couponing 101 for more information on upcoming events!

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