How to Get Free Play at Chuck E. Cheese

If you’re lucky enough to have a Chuck E. Cheese near you still, your child can enjoy a great bonus for staying on top of their summer reading list.

Before you get too excited, it’s important to note that the company that owns Chuck E. Cheese filed for bankruptcy protection and some closures are planned. You may want to check with your nearest Chuck E. Cheese to see if they’ve been affected.

But if luck’s on your side and your location remains open, Chuck E. Cheese has a Reading Rewards program in both English and Spanish. Simply use the free form to mark which days your child reads. Once they’ve read for two weeks, you can turn in the calendar at a participating Chuck E. Cheese location to receive 10 free Play Points with any food purchase.

Reading is fun to begin with, but playing games for free as a result of your efforts can take that fun to the next level!

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