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Have a Free Virtual Game Night with the Plato App!

Everyone is missing someone right now. COVID-19 has pretty much eliminated our ability to meet up with friends to have fun and unwind. But even though you might not be able to see all of your friends and family in person, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun virtual game night with them!

Plato is a social gaming app. Users can select between around 40 different game options. Text-based chat is available during the games, or you can message your friends and family directly through the app. Games call for between two and nine players, so there are options to accommodate most group sizes. Users can play the games for free, but in-app purchases can unlock upgrades.

If you have a child using the app, be sure to supervise. Some games and chatrooms are adult-oriented.

What other virtual game night apps and resources are you using?

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