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8 Fun Science Experiments To Do with Kids

Kids are always learning from the world around them. Their curiosity fuels them to explore and grow every day. While kids can learn from any and all experiences, science experiments are an exceptional way to help them learn scientific principles through observation.

Science experiments require parental supervision to make sure the child stays safe and the experiment goes according to plan. We think these eight experiments will be fun for children and parents alike!

Walking Water Science Experiment via Coffee Cups and Crayons

We’ve included this experiment on the list because it is fun and educational for any age group. This experiment illustrates capillary action, which is water’s ability to flow into a narrow space, even if that seems to defy gravity. With younger kids, it can be used to explain how the mixing of two colors creates other colors.

Magic Pepper and Soap Experiment via Coffee Cups and Crayons

We like this experiment because it is so simple. It calls for just three components, which you probably already have in your house: dish soap, black pepper, and water. It’s that easy! The experiment lets children explore buoyancy and surface tension, but it also looks pretty cool.

Glowing Fireworks Experiment via Growing a Jeweled Rose

We had to include this experiment on the list because it is so beautiful and glows in the dark. While we think its visual appeal will draw kids in, there’s also plenty of science behind it! You can use the experiment to teach kids about liquid densities.

Balloon Air Pressure Experiments via Life With Dary & Brian

Children notice weather changes, and learning more about the science behind these changes can be fun. That’s why we’ve included this experiment on the list. This experiment illustrates how air pressure works using a balloon, a jar, and some fire. Since fire is involved, a responsible adult should conduct the experiment.

Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment via I Heart Crafty Things

Who hasn’t experienced static cling or a static shock? We selected this experiment because it gives children an opportunity to examine the familiar concept in more depth. Young children might enjoy the opportunity to play with static, while older children might learn about positive and negative charges.

How to Make Bouncy Balls via The STEM Laboratory

We love this experiment because kids can create their own bouncy balls. Not only is the experiment fun, but kids can also enjoy playing with a ball they crafted themselves. The science behind the experiment is a bit more complicated than most science experiments for children, but The STEM Laboratory provides a very clear explanation that you can use to explain the process.

Kids’ Forensics Fingerprint Activity via Cub Scout Ideas

With so many hit crime shows, forensic science is hot. We like this fingerprint experiment because even small children can enjoy learning more about the crime-solving process. Plus, it uses items you probably already have, like paper, graphite pencils, and tape.

Homemade Butter Science Experiment via 123 Homeschool 4 Me

There’s so much science behind food, but kids often don’t learn much about it in school. We like that this experiment teaches kids about how fat cells stick together. The real reason we included it on this list, though, is that kids can eat the butter when they’re done.

What science experiments have you tried with your children? Share your favorite learning experiences in the comments section below.

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