Halloween Clearance

Halloween Clearance

Post-holiday clearance is when I do all my holiday shopping – for next year! In fact, my kids wore costumes this year that I got at Target 2 years ago for 75% off!

Most stores should have all their Halloween items on clearance at least 50% off.  I suggest trying to wait for 75% unless it is an item that you absolutely must have.  There is some risk waiting for 75% off – like everything selling out at 50% off, but I’d much rather wait and get the extra savings!

Here are a few tips for shopping Halloween clearance:

1. Buy for the future. Obviously, costumes and decor can be used next year!  Why wait to purchase them until next October when you can buy now and pay less than half?

2. Candy. Mmmmm. My kids will eat candy regardless of the ghost or goblin on the wrapper.  If you will eat it soon, buy it now while it’s cheap!  Be sure and check your coupons to see if you have any that haven’t expired yet.

3. Think outside the box. Look for items that can be used outside of Halloween.  Many times, the packaging will have some sort of Halloween print, but the item is an everyday household item.  Don’t forget to look for coupons to pair with these deals.  Some examples to look for:

  • Paper Plates
  • Tissues
  • Paper Towels
  • Plastic Containers (Glad, Ziploc, Rubbermaid, etc)
  • Ziploc Bags
  • Storage Totes (who cares if they’re black or orange, they’re going in the attic!)
  • Clothes – tights, leggings, hair accessories, socks
  • Pencils & Stationary
  • Baking Supplies – Muffin pan liners, tin baking pans, cookie cutters, icing, sprinkles, etc.
  • Toys – Play-doh, party favors, slinkies, stickers, games, puzzles, books (all great stocking stuffers!)

4. Price Check. Some clearance items may not be marked!  Anything Halloween-ish might be on clearance as well!   Also, items might have a lower price than what is marked.

5. Browse the aisles and end caps. Some of the clearance items, especially the everyday household items mentioned above, might not even be in the clearance section!

6. Don’t buy it just because it’s on clearance. Sometimes I struggle with this.  It is sooo tempting to buy this cute little thing and it’s ONLY this much…but if you know you won’t use it, don’t buy it!

Have fun shopping and don’t forget to buy enough candy corn to last you until next October!


  1. Hi,
    Just thought I would put it out there, that Target has the Halloween stuff at 75% off today. The signs say 50% but it
    scanned 75% !! The employees were putting up tons of Christmas
    stuff and we saw them PACKING away some Halloween stuff, so
    better hurry!
    Also, what part of DFW are you in? I am south and my prices are
    not matching your Target prices? Mine are higher! : (


  2. Great post! I had never thought about the Ziploc bags or toys for stocking stuffers — great ideas! Also, I bought in the Halloween costume section some children’s wigs and play jewelry at Walmart that had been marked half off — I’m going to use it for a “dress up” gift for my daughter at Christmas!


  3. It’s funny because my siblings and I use to laugh while we ate off of Halloween or Christmas paper plates when it was past these holidays. A plate is a plate!


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