7 Harry Potter Themed Crafts to Transform Your Home Into Hogwarts

When life is rough, sometimes even the most refined adults dream of escaping to Hogwarts. Sure, you’d have to contend with the occasional evil wizard, faulty potion, or rogue bludger, but at least you’d be in a world full of magic and mystery. While you might not have figured out a way to move to Hogwarts just yet, you can transform your home into your own private wizarding school with a few DIY crafts. Here are seven clever projects to add a bit of magic to your life!

DIY Harry Potter Wands via Or So She Says…

Every wizard needs a wand! This project makes our list because it can help you make your own custom wand based on your personal preferences and wizard style. They could also look great on display in your home.

Harry Potter Spellbook DIY via Fleece Fun

A few spell books on the shelves make any space look a little more magical! That’s why we like this project. It uses any hardcover book you want and transforms it into a volume fit for the shelves of the Hogwarts Library. Just make sure your spellbook never belonged to Tom Riddle.

Glowing Invisible Ink Secret Messages via Teach Beside Me

Something about invisible ink is inherently fun, but it also lends so well to “Harry Potter” crafts. We included this project for anyone who needs their own Marauder’s Map. While it might look too plain to display prominently in your house (unless you have a lot of black lights), kids may find reading secret messages fun and magical.

Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Candy Box via Tikkido

“The Monster Book of Monsters” is one of the most memorable (and ferocious) books in the “Harry Potter” series. We like this project because it looks like it came straight out of the Hogwarts Library, but you can tuck things away inside it if you want to hide your muggle belongings.

DIY Harry Potter Prophecy Ball via More Than Thursdays

Make Professor Trelawney proud with your own prophecy ball! We selected this project because it looks magical, but it’s also quite beautiful. While most of this project is definitely geared towards adults, kids might enjoy helping pull apart the cotton and stuffing it into the globe.

Harry Potter Mandrake Paper Clip Holder via Tried & True Creative

Keeping track of office supplies can be a real pain, and they rarely look cute. That’s why we love this project. It is a ridiculously adorable way to hide your paper clips. The only problem is that you may need to find more excuses to use paper clips so that you can pull out your Mandrake more often.

DIY Quidditch Pong via Mince Republic

This is one of our favorite crafts because not only does it look fantastical, but it can also be used as a game. Shooting ping pong balls through the rings could bring you hours of Potter-inspired fun.  

While children can help with some of these craft projects, supervision is important. Make sure any activity you select is appropriate for your child’s age and skill level. An adult should also help out with any potentially hazardous materials or tricky steps in the project.

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