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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Dad

Finding the right gift for the father in your life can be challenging. You can only get him new socks for so many years in a row before his sock drawer overfloweth. But what else can you get him if you’re out of ideas? These four categories of gifts for Dad are a good place to start.


Does the father in your life enjoy the latest electronic gear? He’s not alone! A lot of fathers enjoy technology. That technology might include smart home products, entertainment equipment, or other fun devices Dad can play around with. Best of all, new electronics are introduced often, so you should always have some new gift options available. Check out gear sites like Gear Hungry or Gear Patrol for the latest and greatest on tech and gear for Dad.

Hobby-Related Items

What does Dad do for fun? Getting him a gift related to his favorite hobby can indulge his passion and show him you care. For instance, if your father loves vinyl, consider getting him a few records. If your father loves taking on home repair projects, some new tools from Home Depot or Lowe’s might be right up his alley.

Food & Drink

We all have our favorite foods, and Dad is probably no exception. Your father’s favorite food or drink can be a gift that he’ll truly enjoy. For instance, if your father can’t resist a good whiskey, a nice bottle could be a great gift. Does your father love barbecuing? A collection of spices like this one could help him up his game (and make you more excited to attend the next family cookout).


Giving your father an enjoyable experience can be a special treat that creates memories without adding to clutter. If your father is a fan of a particular band, tickets to their concert might be a good choice. If your father enjoys golfing, a round of golf at an area course might be a fun outing.

Finding the right gift for Dad doesn’t need to take a lot of time or effort. Just think about his interests. If you’re still struggling, consider investigating items in these four categories of gifts for Dad.

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