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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

The special woman in your life deserves a special gift. Whether you’re shopping for your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, your wife, your daughter, or your boss, you’re probably hoping she’ll love the present you selected for her. But selecting the right gift isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you just can’t find the perfect present, no matter how hard you try. If you’re having a hard time finding a gift for the woman in your life, our holiday gift guide for her can help give you some ideas.


Many women enjoy jewelry. If you’ve seen the woman you’re shopping for wearing jewelry, you may even have an idea of what sort of jewelry she wears. However, if you don’t know her style, try to aim for neutral items. We think these necklaces would have a broad appeal:

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes save you the hassle of choosing just one specific gift. Instead, you can simply choose a broad category you think she may like. Plus, subscription boxes offer the added benefit of making her think of you every time a new box arrives. We think these subscription boxes would make great gifts:

Comfy Clothing

The woman in your life probably works hard, and all too often, that work is done in uncomfortable clothing. Comfortable clothing can give her the opportunity to relax and unwind. We think these options look super cozy:

Home Decor

If the woman you’re shopping for enjoys making her living space more beautiful and comfortable, home decor items may be right up her alley. When selecting the right gift, make sure it fits her unique style. We think these options are unique and versatile:

Beauty Items

Beauty items are a popular choice, but be sure to select carefully. When selecting beauty items, you may wish to focus more on luxury than functionality. For instance, gifting a blackhead extraction kit may seem to imply you think she needs to work on her skin. However, a spa kit may seem to imply you think she deserves to be pampered. We think these products scream luxury:

Unfortunately, there isn’t one perfect gift that every woman will love. The best gifts are usually the ones that take the recipient’s interests into account. While these categories offer a good place to start, don’t forget to keep your recipient in mind as you shop.

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