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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

The holidays are fast approaching. While there is still plenty of time to shop for gifts, there’s one recipient on your list who might be a little harder to shop for than others: Mom. Starting your shopping early can help you get just the right gift for her. Our holiday gift guide can help give you some ideas of what to buy for the special mom in your life.


Food gifts can be a terrific way to celebrate the holidays. Not only are they an excellent choice for minimalist moms who don’t want any more clutter, but they’re also a great way to show you know her and have paid attention to what she likes and dislikes. Depending on her personal preferences, you might consider selecting just the right type of candy, fruit, or even a restaurant gift card.


If you just don’t know what to get, tasteful jewelry often goes over well. Just pay attention to what Mom is already wearing. For instance, if she always wears a necklace, you might consider buying her a new necklace to add to her collection.

Comfort Items

Comfort items might be one of life’s little luxuries that Mom won’t splurge on for herself, so they could make wonderful gift ideas. Comfy slippers, plush blankets, cozy scarves, and similar items that provide comfort could be Mom’s favorite Christmas gifts yet.


If the mom in your life always says “I don’t need anything,” maybe you shouldn’t get her a thing at all. Instead, you might consider offering her an experience. Theater and music buffs might appreciate tickets to a show or concert. Avid cooks might enjoy a cooking class that teaches them some new skills. Giving Mom a new experience can enrich her life and indulge her interests.

Shopping for Mom isn’t always easy. We hope our holiday gift guide can help you find the perfect gift.

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