Homeschool Freebies

One question I get asked pretty often is “is homeschooling expensive?”  The answer is – it easily could be!  It is so tempting to go crazy and buy every curriculum, book, and school-related item known to man (yes, I may have gone overboard a time or two myself!), but you don’t have to!  There are tons of homeschool freebies available if you watch for them.  Here are a few I’ve found lately that I thought were especially great:

Free American Presidents Timeline Poster from C-SPAN Classrom (Thanks, Money Saving Mom!)

Free Copy of America The Story of US on DVD

Free Grocery Store Lapbookthere is even a spot for coupons! (Thanks, Money Saving Mom!)

Free Printable Bible Memory Verse Cards (Thanks, Molding Minds Homeschool!)

Tons of Freebies from CurrClick

Free Learn the States and Postal Abbreviations eBook (Thanks, FiveJs!)

Free Names of God Chart Download

Build your library for free by participating in any (or all!) of these Kids Summer Reading Programs!

Do you know of any other homeschooling freebies?

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