Hot Target Deals! 3/1 – 3/7


Target has some great deals going on this week! Remember, Target will let you use 1 manufacturer coupon and one store coupon on a single item! Prices for these items may vary by region.

Renuzit Super Odor Neutrolizer $1.92
– $1/1 Q (2/22 SS)
$1/1 Printable Target Q
= Free + possible 8¢ overage!
(Thanks Shellie!)

Gillette Face & Body Wash 8.4 oz $2
– $2/1 Q (3/1 P&G)
= Free
(Thanks Mercedes!)

Market Pantry Soup 54¢
50¢/2 Target Printable Q
= 29¢ ea.
(Thanks Erin!)

Sutton & Dodge Top Round Steak or Roast $2.49/lb
(Buy as close to 1lb as possible to get the best deal!)
$2/1 Target Printable Q
= Prices will vary by package size
(Thanks Crystal!)

Motts Single Serve Applesauce 4-6 pk $1.77
$1/1 Target Printable Q
= 77¢

For more Target deals visit Stretching a Buck.


  1. It’s definitely a YMMV. Here in Kansas City, only the roasts were on sale for $2.49 and they didn’t have any packages that were close to 1 pound. 🙁 Still a good deal for the roast, though, so I picked up a couple. Thanks for posting!


  2. I’ve decided I need to move out of Southern California and move to where ever you live. I just called Super Target which is 31 miles from my house, but I was willing to drive there for the great meat deal. Anyway, the meat here is 4.99/lb. Everything is so expensive here. Ugh. I need to move. lol. Have a great day. Thanks for the heads up.


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