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Fun Ways to Get Kids Involved in Spring Cleaning

Keeping the house clean and tidy is a real chore. Your children might contribute to the mess by not putting their toys away, leaving their clothes on the floor, or just being kids. While your children may be part of the problem, they can also be part of the solution. That’s right! Your children can help clean up.

Cleaning teaches kids valuable skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. And if they know they’ll be part of the cleanup, they may be less likely to make a mess in the first place.

Joining together to do your spring cleaning as a family can also be enjoyable. These five ideas can make spring cleaning fun for the whole family!

Give Them Their Own Cleaning Supplies

Kids often enjoy having things that belong exclusively to them. Giving your children their own cleaning supplies may make them more enthused to help with spring cleaning. You might give your child a dust cloth, a dishcloth, rubber gloves, and/or a broom and dustpan. While they may seem like mundane tools to grownups, kids might see them as fun new possessions they are eager to use.

Work as a Team

You’ve probably heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work.” The same is true of cleaning. Cleaning with someone else can be much more fun than doing it alone. Plus, you can help your child learn to clean while you’re there to supervise and provide direction.

Even young children can help with little tasks, like holding throw pillows so that you can vacuum the couch. While they might not make the cleaning process much easier, it can set a good precedent that the whole family helps with cleaning. It may also give them a sense of accomplishment. Many kids love to help, so why not encourage their giving nature?

Set Challenges

Turning cleaning tasks into a challenge can make it feel like a game, which can be very motivating for children. One of the easiest ways to make cleaning a challenge is to set a timer and a set goal. For instance, you might set a timer and challenge your child to put away as many toys as possible before the time is up.

Play Music

Music can make any task more fun! Pump up some jams and everyone can sing and dance as they clean. You could also consult with your child for help putting together your family’s cleaning playlist. This might make them feel more involved in the process. Just try to resist the pressure to include “Baby Shark” on the playlist more than once.

Set Rewards

Even once you’ve made cleaning more fun for children, there’s still work involved. Setting rewards can help keep both you and your child motivated when you feel like quitting. You could plan a movie night for when the cleaning is complete, have a special meal, or get your child a small gift.

When cleaning with your children, always make sure you give them tasks that are appropriate for their ages and skills. After all, you want to set them up for success. And don’t forget to clean safely! Supervise your kids and keep them away from dangerous chemicals and cleaning products.

How do you make your spring cleaning routine fun for your kids? Share what’s worked for your family in the comments section below!

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