Money-Saving, Kid-Friendly Freezer Meals

Preparing and freezing meals ahead of time can be an easy way to save money and time. However, kids may be more finicky than adult eaters in your family, so it’s important to use recipes the whole family will enjoy. These affordable, freezable, kid-friendly dishes might be just what you’re looking for in a convenient weeknight meal.

Taco Rice Casserole Freezer Meal via A Taste of Madness

We’ve included this option for all the families who love taco night. This simple casserole uses a number of affordable ingredients, rice, corn, black beans, and ground beef. While it contains the same flavor profiles as many tacos, it may be more convenient to heat this up than to assemble tacos from scratch. But if your family loves crunchy or soft shells tacos, there’s also no shame in using this dish as a scoopable filling.

Stuffed Quinoa Peppers via Pinch of Yum

We’ve included this vegetarian-friendly dish on this list because we think even some picky eaters may enjoy eating peppers when they have this appealing presentation. Affordable ingredients like black beans, refried beans, and quinoa are stuffed into hollowed-out peppers and cooked. Plus, the colorful dish can be customized with additional fresh ingredients, like cilantro and avocado.

Baked Spaghetti via Carolina Charm

This recipe makes the cut because spaghetti is often an affordable family favorite. Since this recipe allows you to do the prep work ahead of time and freeze the meal, it is also super convenient to have ready to serve your family on a busy night.

Homemade Frozen Pizzas via Intentional By Grace

We couldn’t mention freezable, kid-friendly food without including pizza on the list! That’s why we’ve included this recipe for homemade frozen pizza. This recipe gives you plenty of options for how to customize your pie, so you can select toppings that work for your family and your budget.

What affordable, kid-friendly freezer meals do you enjoy? Share your family favorites in the comments section below!

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