More Walgreens Deals


This week only (3/29 – 4/4):

Mentos Gum 2/$2 (must buy 2)
– (2) $1/1 Qs (3/1 SS) – my area only got 55¢/1 🙁
= Free!
(Thanks Common Sense with Money!)

Good all month (3/29 – 4/25):

Bayer Contour Meter – $14.99
– $30/1 Q (3/1 or 3/22 SS) – these coupons will need to be adjusted down to $14.99
= Free, Plus a coupon for a Free Crest Pro Health 6 oz. toothpaste will print out!

If you have four of the meter coupons, you can get four Crest Pro Health toothpastes, then submit for Easy Saver Rebate #5 and get back $5 for buying four Crest products!

= $5 Profit when you buy 4!
(Thanks Surviving the Stores!)

And don’t forget about the Free Skintimate and Edge Shaving Gel that is good all month long:

Skintimate or Edge Shaving Gel $2.99, Earn $2.99 Register Rewards
= Free after Register Rewards!


  1. I went to get 4 bayer contour meters today (different transactions) and got the 4 coupons for free crest toothpaste. Can I use all for coupons in one transaction so I only send in one receipt for the rebate or does it have to be different transactions?

    Thanks so much for all your great couponing advice. I just started a couple of months ago and am seeing such great savings!!


  2. ilja,

    If they won’t adjust the coupon down but tell you to add something to your purchase to use up the overage then that is great! Free stuff!

    I haven’t been to Walgreens yet to get this deal, so I’m sorry I can’t help you out!


  3. Ask the cashier if she could price check the mentos gum.Most of the time when cashiers end up checking the price it is on sale.Give it a try.


  4. I got 4 of the meters and had no problem with my checker adjusting the coupon. And then the toothpaste coupons printed and I got 4 of them free too! Thanks for posting this great tip!


  5. the bayer contour meter is 14.99
    but the walgreens i go to they are not going to adjust the $30.00 coupon to 14.99. i dont know why. but the cashier am thinking shes goign to tell me go get something that cost 14.99 or some thing that equals to 14.99. am thinking that will be even better. but i know she has no clue how the coupon world works.so i will get something that equals to 14.99 and the 14.99 bayer contour meter. so that all together is 30.00 plus tax if she tells me to do the things i said at the top.

    so did you have any walgreens that did not adjust your coupons to the price the product cost. and if you did. did they do the samething am saying my walgreens does.


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