9 Recipes to Celebrate National Peanut Month

If you can’t resist a rich, craveable ingredient packed with protein, look no further than the humble peanut! Peanuts have made appearances at ballparks and on airplanes for years. And of course, we can’t forget how convenient peanut butter is for putting together quick and delicious sandwiches.

March is National Peanut Month, so there’s no better time to celebrate the versatile legume. While you may already have some favorite recipes that use peanuts and peanut butter, we think that these eight recipes may be worth adding to your recipe box.

Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Cookies via Marisa Moore

We included this recipe for one main reason: it’s a breakfast cookie, and who doesn’t want a tasty cookie for breakfast? But beyond that, the recipe contains just three ingredients and its vegan, so we think it will be convenient and appealing for a lot of people.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Balls via The Best Ideas for Kids

Need a quick snack? We like this recipe because it’s so convenient and versatile. You can enjoy these bites for breakfast or as a snack. Plus, you can customize the recipe by adding dried fruits, seeds, or other ingredients you think would work well. 

West African Peanut Stew via The Simple Veganista

Peanuts are a staple ingredient in West African cooking. We selected this recipe because it uses plenty of healthy vegetables, but it’s so rich, creamy, and well seasoned that vegetable haters might not even notice. If your family doesn’t like spicy food, you may want to use less chili pepper or omit it altogether.

Easy Asian Peanut Noodles via The Garden Grazer

We love that this recipe is so quick, easy, and versatile! The recipe takes around 20 minutes to make. While it’s packed with flavor, the sauce only contains six ingredients. It would also work well with your favorite vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, snow peas, cabbage, zucchini, and/or bok choy.

Thai Crunch Salad with Creamy Peanut Dressing via All the Healthy Things

This recipe makes the cut because it’s as beautiful as it is flavorful. We think the vibrant colors would make this salad the star of your next dinner party or potluck. And if you have any leftover, you could use it as a filling for a wrap or sandwich.

Healthy Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats via JoyFoodSunshine

Chocolate and peanut butter complement each other beautifully! This recipe makes the list because while these treats are delightfully decadent, they use surprisingly healthy ingredients. Plus, the recipe calls for just six ingredients and doesn’t require baking!

Easy Peanut Butter Texas Sheet Cake Cookies via Practically Homemade

Peanut butter cookies are pretty common, so we know you might already have a solid recipe in your collection. But we couldn’t resist including a peanut butter cookie recipe on the list! This one stands apart from the crowd because it includes peanut butter in both the cookie and the frosting. That should be enough to satisfy even the most die-hard peanut butter fan.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Icebox Cake via Crazy for Crust

We included this no-bake icebox cake because it is so easy! There’s no baking involved, and most of the work is just stirring together and layering ingredients. Children could help with a lot of the prep!

If you or your family has peanut allergies, you could try substituting other ingredients, like cashew butter, almond butter, sunflower butter, soy nut butter, or tahini. Always play it safe and make sure to keep all peanut products far away from peanut allergy sufferers.

What are your favorite ways to use peanuts and peanut butter? Tell us in the comments section below!

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