Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel – Accepting Applicants (Earn Money From Home)

If you’re looking for a way to make a little extra income from home, Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel is accepting applicants right now!

Nielsen is a very reputable company. If accepted into their program, you’ll receive a scanner to “scan in” all your purchases each time you come home from a shopping trip. This provides important information to the company to track consumer trends and statistics. In return, you get rewarded with points for participating. You can then trade these points in for prizes, gift cards, etc.

You won’t make a TON of money from this program, but it’s definitely an easy way to earn a little extra. It’s fun for the kids, too. They love helping with the scanning!

Click here to apply for Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel.

Also, did you see that Ipsos I-Say is currently looking for moms?

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  1. I signed up for this last year. The company was nice, however if you are a coupon shopper (and let’s face it- who here is not?) it is a total pain to participate. If it was just scanning all your items as you unpack them – that would be fine. But they want you to put in where you bought it and if you used a coupon and if it was on sale for each item! If you do many small shopping trips a week using coupons like me, it just became not worth the time investment. The company is good to work with and they were nice about helping get you set up and they were also good about me quitting 2 months after joining. No hassels. Just wish I knew more about what they wanted before I signed up.


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