December 10, 2018

No More Double Coupons at Kroger Stores in Texas

Sep 7, 2011

No More Double or Triple Coupons for Texas Kroger Stores

As you may have heard by now, Kroger is officially ending the double/triple coupon program at stores in Texas on September 13, 2011. On page 4 of this week’s ad you can find this short notification:

“We gladly accept coupons Manufacturer or Digital at face value. Beginning September 14, we will no longer double or triple coupons. See store for details.”

This is very disappointing news for shoppers who are loyal to Kroger because of the double/triple coupon incentive.

Kroger will still continue to accept coupons at face value as well as digital coupons (eCoupons).

This new policy will affect all Kroger stores in Texas (with the exception of the 3 stores in the Bryan-College Station area). There is no “official” news of whether or not this new change will eventually affect Kroger stores nationwide.

*Update – even though Louisiana is in the same division, they are not included in this change. Only Texas stores are affected.

Should We Blame TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”?

According to the Kroger FAQ, Extreme Couponing is not to blame.

“We introduced the double-triple program in the 1980s at a time when digital coupons, and other savings programs and lower pricing initiatives did not exist. Coupon options have changed over the past few years and shoppers now have more opportunities than ever before to save at Kroger through our fuel rewards, generic drug pricing, 10% senior discount and other programs.”

While Extreme Couponing may not be the sole reason, I find it coincidental that Houston Kroger stores stopped doubling coupons just a few short months after Extreme Couponing first aired and now DFW is ending their double coupon program just a few weeks before the second season of the show airs. I can only assume, but I think that people are mimicking the illegitimate couponing tactics portrayed on the show and now stores are having to do damage control.

What Can You Do?

  • Voice your opinion. Let Kroger know how much you value their double coupon program by emailing them and contacting them on Facebook and Twitter. Please do so in a polite manner, I do not encourage you to be rude about it.
  • Do not support TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”. This means you need to stop watching the show. It’s coming back for a 2nd season because it gets good ratings. If you want the madness to stop, you have to stop tuning in.

Even if you are in another area, this can still affect you. Kroger may be the first, but they are unlikely to be the last to change their coupon policies.

For more information, see the Kroger Southwest Coupon Guidelines and Kroger Southwest Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. Lesli Cole Stewart via Facebook says:

    Dislike :/

  2. You can thank TLC for this

    • I agree, as soon as I saw it advertised I knew things would change. That is what happened when 20/20 and 60 minutes showed people using coupons without exp dates using them during sales and getting the items for free. They started making coupons with exp dates and did not have sales on those items during that time. I don’t know when it changed.

      When I watched the show I was wondering why the cashier did not make them use limits or tell them they need to get at the end of the line for each transaction. Even when the computer told the cashier they were not allowed to do the transaction the store mgr would over-ride it. Kroger should train their employees better instead of changing policy.

      • Jordan Manning says:

        I completely agree with you that they should train better other than wasting time completely changing policy.

  3. Thank the lord this isn’t nationwide…yet.

  4. booooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jenni Krejci Bucl via Facebook says:

    I’ll never understand how Kroger rationalizes discontinuing the coupon policy for grocery items by saying “shoppers now have more opportunities than ever before to save at Kroger through our fuel rewards, generic drug pricing, 10% senior discount and other programs.” Clearly they’re missing the mark or I’m the wrong consumer type who SHOPPED there as I went primarily for grocery items and not for fuel, pharmacy or senior discounts.

  6. Stacy Latino Shilling via Facebook says:

    Nationwide next….and if you don’t think so….I bet that is what the rest of Texas thought too. It has sucked here in Houston!!! I am not saving nearly as much on my grocery bill!

  7. Vikki DeVillier Brown via Facebook says:

    Lake Charles, LA’s papa does not say this.

  8. With walmart doing price comparisons who will need krogers!

  9. I so agree with this statement! Extreme couponing is really just hoarding with your groceries, whether or not you give half of it to charities/homeless. Thank you for all you do!

  10. I live in Ohio and our store still doubles coupons. Although I am very fortunate, the cashier’s at the store are very rude! They scrutinize every coupon you use like you are stealing from them, they give you dirty looks when you hand them coupons. I don’t understand it. The staff was alway so friendly before the extreme coupon show aired. I solely blame this on the extreme couponing show and I believe its just a matter of time before they stop doubling at every store. I know this will put kroger out of business if they do not lower their prices if everything because kroger is much higher than wal mart. I will no longer shop at kroger if this happens. I will gladly do all of my grocery shopping at wal mart.

  11. While Extreme Couponing may not be the sole reason, I find it coincidental that Houston Kroger stores stopped doubling coupons just a few short months after Extreme Couponing first aired and now DFW is ending their double coupon program just a few weeks before the second season of the show airs. I can only assume, but I think that people are mimicking the illegitimate couponing tactics portrayed on the show and now stores are having to do damage control. that is a quote from krogers page.

  12. I’m sure it’s had an impact. I see women all over my area now with coupon binders. The funny part is, they have the binder but they still are not “prepared” (at least not the ones that I see with them). I watched the show one time and I told my husband everything they were doing that was not good or right and he couldn’t believe it. I won’t watch it anymore, to me the people on those shows are bordering on hoarders, but that’s my opinion.

    It is sad that in these hard times stores are discontinuing programs that help the consumer, but the sad fact is, that not only are times hard for the consumer, but they are hard for the stores as well. I do what I can to save money and I was doing really well. My grocery bill went up when they stopped doubling and trippling in my area, but there’s not much else that can be done. I continue to shop smart and use my coupons.

  13. Rachel Dugger Harrelson via Facebook says:

    I shop Kroger for their fresh produce and other items. Guess I’ll just have to shop smarter from now on.

  14. Kathryn Smart via Facebook says:

    Why is it only limited to stores in Texas and Louisiana? We don’t have one here in South Texas but I’m just curious.

  15. This makes me really sad, as I love shopping at Kroger. I guess I’ll be heading to Albertsons or Tom Thumb, since they still double/triple some.

  16. Made a couple updates to the post – this includes ALL of tx (excluding brian-college station area) and does NOT include LA! (DFW usually includes LA so there was a mixup.) Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

    • They have stopped TX, LA and Missouri double and triple coupons. Nationwide will be next and yes, we can thank TLC and Extreme Couponers. They are hoarders and tax evasionists since they receive a tax credit for a donation without paying for the items or very little of it. I have loved Krogers and will no longer be able to shop with them.

  17. Frys in az stopped a few months ago as well!!!

  18. My husband works for Kroger and even though they said it had nothing to do with the show, if you know what to look for Kroger was featured quite a few times with people using triple coupons + in-store savings + digital coupons, I spoke with our local GM about some of the shows I saw and he told me, “We hate when people come in trying to do this because some of the coupons will go through the system but will no be honored by the manufacturer and we lose money.” of course this was just check out chit chat but I’m sure it really had an impact on their decision.

    • True, even though they never actually said it was Kroger, you could tell by the uniforms, display signs, etc. that it was Kroger. The thing is, none of the shows I watched were in the DFW (or Texas at all) area, so I’m not sure why they picked Texas to start their discontinuation of double/triple coupons. This is very disappointing as the Kroger is right around the corner from my house. The new Aldi’s they opened in my area is looking better and better.

  19. This makes me sad because Kroger is one of my favorite stores to coupon. I see more and more people couponing and believe it is the result of the tough economy and the popularity of Extreme Couponing. While I am glad to see more couponing, when a store doubles and triples a coupon, they are loosing money, and the bottom line is that grocery stores are a business and need to be profitable. I feel it is our duty as a consumer to understand that and not take couponing too far. But the show Extreme Couponing celebrates taking it too far. I watched it for the first time this weekend and will not be watching it again.

  20. I won’t shop there anymore I’ll
    Just price match at walmart and save the 20 min drive

  21. i was about to say college station krogers told me they where cuz we r a college town and the students r on a budget just like me who has very limited income. but headquaters told me it was from the extreme couponing show n it will b nationwide soon but they r changing up their policy

  22. I just commented on their FB page and then I called them too. Here is the number if anyone wants to call express your disappointment. 1-800-576-4377

  23. Here in Texas Walmart is not cheaper than Kroger on alot of the same products. Kroger has good competitive prices and are often cheaper and have better deals than the competitors. If I were able to take advantage of double & triple couponing at the competitor stores, I still would not save enough as I would going to Kroger. Alot of people are duped into believing Walmart is the place to go because they are the cheapest game in town. And they use to be – a long time ago but not anymore. Now they are just as high as everyone else, if not the highest in some instances.

    • I don’t know what Kroger and Walmart you’re shopping at but that’s not the case in my neighborhood. Yes, Walmart has definitely gone up and yes, the random sale items at Kroger tend to be cheaper but comparing regular price to regular price Walmart wins by far!

    • I have noticed that too. I switched awhile back and do the bulk of my shopping at Kroger. Plus they have great customer service and Wal-Mart definitely doesn’t!

    • Very true I think! My friend and I say that all the time! I live in DFW.

    • This is not true where I live. I prefer Krogers for the better customer service but WalMart still has the best prices, hands down, for the majority of the products my family of six uses. Where I am, unless it’s on a loss leader sale, Kroger is higher than a cat’s butt.

  24. This is truely sad! I do know there must be some people out there that are misusing the system, and that makes it bad on the ones of us that are not! Just like everything else, find something GOOD and someone turns it BAD! UGH!!!! But, I will tell you this, should the doubling and tripling discontinue, I will not be shopping that Kroger’s.
    As for the clerks being rude, they do need to check to see if each and every coupon is there, up to date and what status it should be rung up on, but that is THEIR job! I do not give them attitude when I go to the register with the coupons and I explain that I have several and hand them to her/him and then go from there. I am prepared and expect to be treated the same if I handed them my card or cash. I, too, have had the “looks” from cashiers and it’s promptly returned.
    TO KROGERS::::::Please do not take this away, you will be letting the OFFENDERS win instead of doing MORE TRAINING of proper proceedures. TIMES ARE TOUGH, don’t be a heartless “big dog” and turn tail and run!


  25. Asking Kroger NOT to discontinue the svc. You need to TRAIN your cashiers instead of letting the ones that mis-use the program win! THEY ARE WRONG, the ones doing this in a dire purpose to make money stretch are NOT wrong! PLEASE HAVE A HEART AND TRAIN YOUR CASHIERS instead of discontinuing the program.

  26. Karen W. Smith via Facebook says:

    Maybe everyone should go to the TLC page and express how they feel about the show Extreme Couponing and see if anyone from the page replies. It would be interesting to read what they have to say.

  27. I am new to couponing and hadn’t had a chance yet to double/triple coupons. Do you ask them to double it? I am so afraid of that “look” you all talk about. I guess I only have a week now to try it out.
    I love shopping at Walmart because of price-matching. I bring all the local ads and get all the deals in one stop. Our Walmart cashiers are always nice and never gave me the look, only apologies if they take too long (if they are new, for example). I think I am just lucky 🙂 Not every Walmart has polite employees.
    In addition to local ads you can use manufacturing coupons. So, that makes it even nicer 🙂 But of course, Walmart won’t take other stores’ coupons.

    • Eve
      The coupons are automatically doubled/tripled* at the register (you can see it at the bottom of your recipt it shows you manf. coupons instore coupons*). Albertsons & Tom Thumb in my area will still be double/tripling coupons FYI.

  28. Well that makes it easy for me. I prefer walmart and sams and albertson above krogers. I probably will still shop at krogers simply because thier gas saving program looks promising. But with regards to couponing, krogers prices,after coupons and doubling, would always be about the same price as I would get at walmart.. It was not very often that I would catch a free or half off( with coupons) savings. So, im thinking i wont be missing anything. There’s always ablertson and i will tom thumb for extreme emergencies.

  29. Also this now forces me to try the match-pricing ordeal at walmart!

  30. I will be going to Albertsons for their double/triple coupons and meat deals even though I don’t like their setup (I’ll probably go about twice per month though). And for Kroger’s sales now, I will be price matching to Walmart while I am price matching produce from the hispanic groceries and Sprouts (I do shop at Sprouts but sometimes they run out or the sale stuff doesn’t look good). And for milk, eggs, bread, etc, Aldi’s is WAY cheaper than anybody else around here (still under $2/gallon for milk, $.47/dozen eggs, $.69 buns, etc).

  31. Boycott them! If the Kroger’s in my area ever stopped doubling, I would gladly take my business elsewhere. If enough people do the same, I am sure that they will rethink this decision.

  32. Agreed. That show and the people on it are a nightmare. It needs to go.

  33. finally people see the light about that horrible show…stop celebrating it like it’s the coupon national anthem

  34. Heidi Burton Cole via Facebook says:

    I can say I am beyond upset. I love shopping at my Kroger. I am going to have to take my grocery dollars elsewhere. I have always been fair & honest at the stores & spent more of my grocery budget at that store because of there double/triple coupon policy. Now, I will go elsewhere.

  35. This makes me glad that I live in Louisiana. Kroger is almost not worth it to me without the double and triple coupons. I hate to say it, but so many of the cashiers have a nasty attitude now and I blame it on the show.

  36. Maybe Kroger shouldn’t let them preorder 1000 bottles of soda and then they couldn’t use their coupons??? Just sayin’

    • I agree! Why do they pull the big carts of preorders out and stand around horraying them when the total comes out to 97% savings. Every cashier I talk to hates that show and I do too. It has made it hart to get a good deal when someone showed up at midnight with 25 of the same coupon to clean the shelf!

  37. Beginning Sept. 14, I will NOT shop at Kroger!!!

  38. I think alot of you are being unfair. I first learned about real couponing due to the show. I never thought before about matching coupons with sales. And was one of those people who thought the generic version still came out to be cheaper than using a coupon on a name-brand product.

    If you go to other blogs that are owned by people who where on that show, you will see that they dont shop like that on a regular basis. And only do such huge hauls for the show…i.e. for entertainment purposes only. They shop the same way the rest of us do, little by little. Do they have huge stockpiles? yes. but they came by them little by little…and the majority of them also dont condone clearing shelves nor are they out to rip off the stores.

    I also dont see anything wrong with Kroger discontinuing double/triple coupons….they have to make money as well. People just arent spending as much money as before because of the economy. They only get back FACE VALUE of the coupon from the manufacturer…, if they are double/tripling and consumers arent spending what they used to, they lose….

    Come on people, it’s a t.v. show, for entertainment purposes…let’s try blaming the real culprit, the economy….let’s figure out a way to help bring it back up rather than waste time bashing a t.v. show.

    If you’re not couponing illegally than you should not care how a cashier looks at you.

    • I agree with you! I think the economy is more to blame than anything. I think people blame the show because one woman was caught couponing illegally much after the show aired (family couponing is the term i have heard for it). Also I went back through my recipts there are not a ton of times where I utilized the double & triple coupons.

    • Thank you Lonnie. I know this was a while ago but this is the first time I’ve read through these comments. I very rarely used coupons before I caught an episode of the show. Once I realized how much money you could save I tried it out. Of course I knew there was no way saving that much money was going to be a reality for me but something is better than nothing. We have 3 children and 1 income so coupons have definitely made it possible for us to thrive in this economy.

  39. I just e-mailed Kroger and told them that I would not be shopping there beginning Sept. 14 and that I would “gladly” take my coupons to Walmart.

  40. I hate hearing that any store drops its double or triple coupon policy… That is sad because the consumers miss out on the savings…I’m in Kansas and my Dillon’s (Kroger) store still has the double coupons but I have been waiting for a while for it to go away…

    The stores that offer the double coupons are only making face value plus .08 cents for taking the coupons so they already lose the double part of the coupon.. So these stores offer this to us for savings and to get us to shop at their stores. What hurts this is those who are trying to misuse the coupons and that is why they are taking away some of the double and triple coupons in some areas.

    I am a coupon mom but I never misuse my coupons and I never clear shelves.. (I hate that :-() … I do stock pile but nothing like that show.. I might have 10 items of one thing at a time and it still is enough to maintain my family of 7….

    I wished my stores triple coupon … I’m envy of those who get that 🙂

  41. I agree that “Extreme Couponing” show has ruined it for everyone in my opinion. I have had so many situations where the cashier or the manager is checking and double checking even checking again to make sure I have all the products and everything is in order. Which I don’t mind because I use the coupons in the right way and respect the store coupon policy. But they almost treat you like criminals when you get things for cheap or free. Its just a little math and time. I have been doing couponing before the show even started and I can tell the change in attitude stores have with the whole idea now after the show. As I tell everyone at my work place who thinks I do “extreme couponing”, that do it in moderation, its to save money not hoard things only because its “free or cheap”. Don’t abuse it otherwise we will lose it forever. And seems like Kroger has taken the first step…..sighhh……

  42. My Kroger only doubles but I would still hate to see that go plus the people are nice.. my local walmart is rude and they think using coupons is a crime. It’s a horrible, but if Kroger’s quits doubling I will have no choice but to go through the abuse (I always end up calling corporate when I leave walmart they don’t even know their own store policies) People need to stop blaming the TLC show but also I don’t like being compared to that show! I do have a binder.. I’ve had a binder for over 10 years but I don’t buy in extreme bulk or clear the shelves.. I have reason to buy 100 boxes of rice that we will never use free or not I’m not going to do it! I do stock up on things we use and will use. I love to get a deal just like the next person, money is tight and and every penny saved counts so I will be getting my deals where ever I can.. I hope its still at Krogers but if not so be it.

  43. It is really sad that they’ve decided to take away a mutually beneficial program that’s been run for 30 years. Regardless of their statement, it’s absolutely about the show. They allowed that show to film in their store, willingly using couponing practices that are not legitimate, for publicity, then they’re surprised when the general public thinks they can do the same thing. The show is full of closet thieves stealing in the name of couponing, but it can’t go on if the stores dont agree to let them film it. Kroger caused trouble for itself and is now punishing the consumer.

  44. where is my dislike button

  45. I don’t think the show played a role in this change, I believe it’s a matter of Kroger wanting to improve their profit margin by eliminating d/t’s.
    (I’m in the Houston area so we lost our d/t’s a few months back). You’ve gotta remember that in our area, Kroger never d/t more than 3 like q’s, so you could never hope to do the deals you see on the show. I would guess that more couponing played a role in this decision and Kroger decided it could give up the sales they make to couponers and still improve their bottom (profit) line. But hey, you’ll probably get more fuel points to replace the d/t’s!

  46. Goodbye Kroger. You are hurting normal families that are small time couponers. Your policy change should state “NO MORE EXTREME COUPONERS ALLOWED IN OUR STORES”. Instead struggling families will have tougher times. Thanks a lot. Someone at corporate got this wrong. Enough said.

    • BTW – Mr. Kroger – I hope you plan on lowering your prices for people that have no other choice but to shop at your store.

  47. Unfortunately, there are no Kroger stores in the greater New Orleans area. The closest one that doubles is about 3 hours away. We have NO stores that double, much less triple, down here. And, I have noticed that cashiers are scrutinizing coupons much harder now.

  48. While Extreme Couponing has made people more aware of the impact that couponing can have on the family’s bottm line, you cannot say that the show is the reason that Krogers is changing their policy. Most people do not even come close to the shoppong that the customers on Extreme Couponing do. But it does point out that, with a little work, a family can save significantly on day to day items.

    • My Kroger had problems with couponers way before EC show came out. They had those hoarder type shoppers constantly wiping out all the stock.

      I am not sure it was the show alone but the acts of those who shop like the one’s seen on the show that may have ruined it for us.

  49. While I too will be taking my business elsewhere from Kroger now, I think it’s unfair to blame a television show for this policy change. Extreme Couponing introduced the idea of successful couponing to a lot of people who were struggling to make ends meet. Does the show portray bad habits? Yes, but so do a number of other television shows (many of which air on TLC!). Should stores take steps to inform shoppers that those bad habits will not be accepted? Absolutely. Release couponing guidelines, use social media and email to inform shoppers, team up with local news stations or coupon bloggers to reach a wider audience. Stores (and other shoppers!) should be educating shoppers on how to use coupons to get the most out of their products, rather than making snap judgments about their bad habits.

    In response to some of the comments re: walmart’s higher price: the answer is simple – Walmart’s price matching policy. Take your Kroger ad into Walmart and they will will match any advertised price.

  50. I didn’t like that they stopped allowing ecoupons stacked with mfr, but thankful we still have double coupons here, in Louisville, Ky. I asked someone today about this, and they haven’t gotten any word in our division! I can promise you that Extreme Couponing exposure, people who steal inserts and wipe shelves, etc have brought on most of these policy changes! So…THANKS to those of you who punish those of us just trying to save for our families!

  51. Colin Toenjes says:

    I spoke to to customer service desk at my local Kroger today, and they gave me the contact information for the person who is the point of ccontact for at least the D/FW area with Kroger regarding this issue. The name they gave me was Gary Huddleston, with an email of [email protected].

  52. Well I just called Kroger in Denton to make sure because I couldn’t believe it….and sure enough it’s true…I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

    • Where in Denton would you go? Certainly not Albertson’s. Brookshire’s is the worst grocery store ever. And the Walmarts are a nightmare. Let me know how that works out for ya.

      • This really leaves no alternative for those of us that counted on Kroger in the Denton area. Where I live there is only one grocery store and that’s Kroger. I can’t afford to waste gas on driving all over town just to be able to put food on my table. And you are right, Walmart is a nightmare! I waste more time at that store than anywhere else and most of it’s waiting in line, just so I can save an extra 3 cents. Totally not worth the effort or time wasted!

  53. Christina E says:

    I knew that show would be the end of deals as we know it! A few dishonest people who think they need hundreds of boxes of cereal can really ruin it for the rest of us.

  54. I can’t see that show lasting much longer. I have couponed for years and have never seen a down time last this long. I am seeing only 1 or 2 deals a week spread out over 4 stores when I used to see dozens of deals a week.

    I am back to shopping Walmart and price matching and my weekly bill has gone up at least $75 a week because of the lack of deals.

    Such a bummer.

  55. nichole , az says:

    i think its unfair to blame an tv show for a store deciding they dont want consumers saving more money. before i saw the 1st episode i had no idea about couponing at all. my mom and i live on my income alone and i would either have a tiny amt of grocery money after bills , we would run out of food a week before my next paycheck, or sometimes we would have to ask for food at the church or charity food bank. not to mention having no toilet paper etc. since i learned how to coupon i havent had to worry about where our next meal will come from. i now have a small stockpile of things i need and now wont have to buy for months. through couponing i can now afford meat and veggies and healthier food. i do realistic couponing and it has been a godsend to my family. i will probrably not shop at frys anymore due to their continued policy changes. they are only hurting themselves and will loose alot more loyal customers.

    • That’s great that you learned so much. It is good to know that some people have benefited from watching it. Buying a truckload of groceries for pennies isn’t realistic, but if you can learn how to feed yourself and your mom without relying on charity and without running out before payday, that is wonderful. Keep up the good work.

      • I am with you on this one. I learned a few things from the show as well, not least of which is that I CAN buy more than 1 paper a week (I buy 5 or 6). Why didn’t I think of that before? Duh. And the idea of a binder… GENIUS! (I am so proud of mine!) In any case, just by matching my sales at Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, and even sometimes Target ($!) with whatever coupons I have collected, I am saving on average about 55-70% each week on my grocery bill. That includes meat and fresh veg, people. Do I have a stockpile? Yes, a small one limited to the space of my large pantry and deep freeze, and a few packs of TP in various bathroom cabinets. Do I give away food to friends and family? Absolutely. And laundry soap, and body wash, toothpaste and deodorant, most of which costs me $1 or less (sometimes even free). As for Kroger ditching their db/trp policy, well, it’s a drag, sure. But our local Randalls still doubles and triples only the first of any like coupons, but they are so pricey on everything else NOT on sale, what’s the point? I take their sales circular to Walmart and make out like a bandit even with no doubles or triples. (PLEASE, MY FELLOW COUPONERS, BE ORGANIZED IF YOU DO THIS, FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU — ALSO BE PREPARED TO BACK UP YOUR CLAIM OF A PRICE WITH THE AD AT THE READY. DO NOT GET UPPITY WITH THE CASHIER, IT WILL ONLY END BADLY FOR YOU.) My point is, if you are smart, do a bit of math, get organized, get your early edition of the Sunday paper on a Saturday and dedicate a little time to the pursuit of saving money, you CAN do it. With or without TLC or Kroger being daft in ditching their policy (It’s been gone since April here in Houston). Quit moaning. Do your math. No, we can not now nor will ever be extreme couponers. Get over it. It is just ridiculous in any case. You DO know the stores are paying those people to take things away, as the manufacturer only reimburses one coupon per purchase. How many people do you suppose they will be able to do that for before they ALL call it quits? But we can save. It will just take a bit more time invested. And a lot of patience with the cashiers. Remember, they face a lot of angry customers (probably fans of TLC) every day… Poor things.

        • I agree, especially with the last part. Organization is ideal. And be overly courteous with cashiers despite their ugly little attitudes. Cashiers sometimes do get defensive when receiving coupons because believe it or not: some corporations will terminate you over a coupon. It happened to a retail pharmacist in my company reguarding a transferred/new prescription. Cold blooded.

          Also, as far as I know. Target in the Houston area will accept their coupons in addition to mfg coupon on 1 item. I find Target pricey but appreciate being able to use 2 coupons per item.

  56. Wow….well Tom Thumb get ready for my money!

  57. Wow, hadn’t heard this.. got on your site today to check the Kroger deals for the rest of the week (thru tomorrow)… I live in B/CS, but I still think I’ll shop at HEB. The cashiers at Kroger have gotten more and more rude as the extreme couponing show has gained popularity.

  58. People need to stop whining! I live in San Francisco and there is no such thing as a store that would consider doubling coupons!! I still am able to find some good deals though!

  59. I got a letter from Kroger in the mail yesterday. It detailed the discontinuation of the double/triple coupons and included 2 $5 off $50 purchase coupons and a 100 free fuel points coupon. I just want to say, don’t discount (no pun intended) the extra fuel point they now offer. I have gotten .50 and .60 off per gallon of gas. Since I drive a big van with a huge tank, this adds up to big savings.

  60. I won’t have a reason to shop at Krogers any more. Most of their prices are 25% more then the Walmart in our area. Krogers gas is just a gimick, I can get my gas as low or lower then Kroger just by watching the neighborhood station prices during the week without having to pay 25% more for my groceries.

  61. This is really unfortunate. My Mother and I live on a very limited budget and have counted on Kroger for our groceries. Not only did they have better prices as well as the coupon program, but they were within walking distance from our home and it was easy for us to pick up what we needed as we needed it. Without the program, I’m not sure that we’ll be able to afford the necessities and will have to turn to food banks and charity. My Mother and I have always tried to keep off of government assistance, but without a little help from the neighborhood grocer we will have no other choice. I have already sent an email to Kroger and encourage everyone to do the same. We need to show Kroger that there are people who depend on them to put food on the table and not just greedy people looking for a way to cheat the system. I pray that Kroger will see the program for what it represented in my families life and recognize that without their help, we become one more family dependent on assistance.

  62. In this tough economy we are “ALL” facing, saving $$ is what we all are trying to do.. Coupons can be abused I agree.. I personally use coupons and have been for many years, however I don’t abuse them.. TLC offered a show that would help us save $ but after watching it several times I began to see “DISASTER” all over it.. While many shelters are filled over the rim, we have horders who are GREEDY and feel no guilt for buying 50 bottles of ketchup for a family of 4.. WHY ?? I find this to be greatly disturbing… I am disabled and use coupons to save $$ for my family.. I have shopped at Kroger for many many years but after what they’ve done to take away what many of us do to save, Walmart again will win in the end.. Walmart has taken over small business owners that have been forced to close because of their low prices. What happened to the AMERICAN DREAM ?? Watch out Kroger you may be one that will be forced to close because of the Walmart name..

  63. It does suck that kroger is not double/triple coupons any more. I would only go about 3 times a month anyway. There sales were never very good where I live. I should say nothing I would use anyway. I always did better at ALbertsons where they still double and triple and are very friendly about it. I did notice this week at kroger there is good deals without the double and triple. Like .50 dressing!
    As far as price matching to walmart, it is a struggle. My walmart doesn’t have a good varitey of items, so I can’t price match with kroger. Anyway happy couponing and stay positive about the change!

  64. I saw you on tv, the 33 news thing. You looked so pretty! But anyways yeah Kroger sucks for doing that, and I do believe Extreme Couponing is the reason.

    Whats ironic is Kroger stopped in Houston and that same family on the 2nd episode of Extreme Couponing lived in Houston, in fact the husband has a site called Im sure hes embarassed to be on that show now. Some of these people should be ashamed of themselves.

  65. I found out this first hand today, having skipped their ads for weeks.
    Oh well, too bad. I’ll just:
    1. Take less trips to stores farther away.
    2. Buy different brands of the same products. (or different species of canned seafood that are staples in the fam.)
    There is always a way. Boo @ Kroger.

  66. Extreme Couponing is ruining coupon shopping for everyone in general because it shows people how to be greedy and shows the most outrageous side of couponing. It’s by no means realistic; those types of trips are 1 in 100 or MORE, and it gives people who have never used coupons the opinion that if they are going to use coupons they will never pay for their groceries again, or they’ll get $100 for $2, or something else crazy. I wish everyone would stop watching the show, and I’m beginnning to think that the programming on TLC in general needs questioning considering Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras being so outrageous but that’s another soap box. Just don’t support TLC!!

  67. ATTENTION all North Houston/The Woodlands/South Montgomery County couponers! Found a tiny nugget of a store on I-45 North, called The Food Basket (take the Robinson Rd. exit.) They have the best meat I have tasted in YEARS and the produce is beautiful. Best yet, they still DOUBLE/TRIPLE coupons. Policy states only 2 like items…but still! I really enjoyed shopping at this little neighborhood store. Super-friendly and helpful people. It is small, so it doesn’t have 400 varieties of oatmeal, but if you don’t find what you need…just ask! They said they can order for you. I really felt good shopping at an independent grocer and bucking the WalMart dominated shopping scene!

    • Just received The Food Basket’s, coupon policy…they TRIPLE the first coupon up to 50cents, DOUBLE the second (like coupon), then face value on remaining like coupons. WOW…triple on 50cent coupons!

  68. genevieve williams says:

    As with so many things in society today, couponning has been taken to the extreme by some people who I consider to be verging on pathological. And now those of us who use coupons in a reasonable manner are going to pay the price. I bet a lot of those people don’t even need or use half of the groceries they have stockpiled. And I don’t blame stores for changing their policies because of the abuse, but I do blame TLC.

  69. I live in Colorado and Krogers is called City Market here. I was wondering if the coupon policy is the same. I tried looking on the website but can’t find it. I may just be blind. Also they have digital coupons. If you have a value card, on the website you select which coupons you want and its put onto your card. You can print out a list of what coupons you selected.

  70. I live in a college town with a population of 210,000 people…we only have 2 stores to choose from- (although there are appox. 4 locations of each store in our town). Walmart and United/Market Street/Amigos are our 2 choices (although we have a specialty store -health foods etc.) The United/Market Street are for the “haves” & “Walmart” Is for the have-nots. Neither Walmart or United/Market Street offer double or triple coupons.They don’t even offer a loyalty program. Walmart is less expensive, however even their prices are continually going up. So frustrating. Sad fact is we just do not have any stores that compete for customers… Some people have used terms such as “Offenders & Hoarders” among others. To me that is uncalled for and rude. Many of the extreme coupon users donate alot to our troop’s care pkg’s and families, homeless shelters, food banks & churches stc. If people would make more of an effort to “BUY USA” products… perhaps it would help not only our pocket books but our economy as well. Also…the same premise would help if a majority would shop only at retailers that do offer the double or even triple coupons if available. Seems, at least in our town- Price fixing is perhaps an emerging issue. Gardening is a great alternative (somewhat- for somethings) and it is very satisfying as well. We all need to try & eat more “Plant based foods”. I say get a petion going that states- those that have a Kroger available- “Kroger was a way to save- and was not for convenience….so way stay with them….Good luck!

  71. yuk the Kroger here in north texas was filthy anyway i go to albertsons they gladly double and triple coupons

  72. I noticed that the Kroger in Palestine,TX accepted their store printed coupon and a manufacturers coupon on the same item that I purchased just last week. Strange.

  73. I wonder if they double coupons at the Denton Kroger? It’s a college town. Why would they still double in College Station and not in Denton? And I know that college kids are on a budget but so are families.

  74. I hate price matching at Walmart. If you continually buy at Walmart over other stores, you will put them out of business. Then watch Walmart’s prices. Watch The High Cost of Low Prices, it is eye opening. I have a family of 6 with one income. I know how hard it is to make ends meet. Sometimes the prices are a vast difference and I have to shop Walmart, but if it is close, I always choose someone other than Walmart.

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