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Everything You Need to Know About Once A Month Meals

At the end of a long, hard day, working up the energy to cook a meal from scratch can seem nearly impossible. If you’re good at planning ahead, maybe you pack away a few extra meals in your freezer to serve when you just don’t have the energy. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could have all your dinners for the month safely tucked away in your freezer so you didn’t have to panic at mealtime? Unfortunately, the logistics of preparing so many meals ahead of time can be complex.

That’s where Once A Month Meals comes in. Once A Month Meals is a subscription program that takes all the complicated planning out of preparing meals ahead of time. We’ll share some of the most important details of the program to help you decide if it’s right for you.

One Day to Make Most of Your Meals

Once A Month Meals is designed to take just one day per month. The program supplies freezable recipes, grocery lists, and cooking instructions to make it quicker and easier to prepare meals. You can follow the instructions on your own or enlist the help of your family to make the process even speedier. Once the prep work is complete, you simply freeze the meals and thaw and/or heat them according to instructions provided by the program. It gets even more convenient if you have an Instant Pot!

Works with Instacart

To shave even more time off your preparation, Once A Month Meals can connect your meal plans with Instacart. This allows you to have the necessary groceries delivered rather than running to the store to pick them up.

Options for Multiple Diets

Meal planning programs often aren’t compatible with special diets, but Once A Month Meals offers menus for a variety of different eating habits. You can select between recipes designed for diets that include traditional, vegetarian, paleo, ketogenic, diabetes, and so many more. Not only that, but you can also mix and match menus from different diet groups to find your perfect balance.

Appropriate for Picky Eaters

Since you can select your own menus, Once A Month Meals can accommodate picky eaters, making it easy to avoid the foods your family doesn’t like.

If you’re not sure if Once A Month Meals is right for you, you can enjoy a free mini menu to try it for yourself.

What are some of your other favorite ways to take the stress out of mealtime? Let us know in the comments section below!

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