DIY Labor Day

Perfect Labor Day Crafts for Kids

Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the power of collective action by laborers. Most people get an extra long weekend and kids don’t have school. So what better way to fill your day off together with your kids than some Labor Day crafts! 

  • Patriotic Clothespins via Organized 31. I saw these and I immediately headed to the store to get some clothespins. How cute are these? Put them on a string for decoration or have them hold photos or pictures. 
  • Firework Paintings via Crafty Morning. You make these fireworks with a fork which is absolutely genius! Hang it up or put it on an easel for an art display, or make them on paper placemats for fun table decor. 
  • Patriotic Eagle Handprint Art via Fun Handprint Art Blog. White paper, red and blue paint and you’re on your way to making this adorable national bird art! 
  • Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Suncatcher Stars via Fun Learning for Kids. I love almost everything stars. This craft calls for coffee filters, but I would be one to guess that tissue paper would work as well! 
  • Patriotic Party Slime via The Farm Girl Gabs. What kid doesn’t love slime right now? You could get even more creative and find some buttons of some tools for labor day and add them in with the stars then it’s patriotic and tools of the trade! 
  • Patriotic Wind Whirler Craft via Savings Sarah. Super inexpensive and adorable! This fun wind whirler can be decorated in so many different ways. 
  • Patriotic Necklace via Buggy and Buddy. Grab some of the paper straws and some plastic beads and the family can have matching necklaces in no time. 
  • Fireworks Rings via Fantastic Fun and Learning. O-M-G! These are absolutely adorable and so incredibly easy! Why had I never thought of these before?
  • Cardboard Roll Felt Eagle via Out Kid Things.  These little eagles are so adorable and so easy to make! Perfect craft if you are into repurposing! 
  • Fireworks Straw Rockets via Fantastic Fun and Learning. These will keep your kids entertained for a few hours (or at least a few minutes!)
  • I Heart American Workers via Jam Paper. Such a simple yet sweet craft great for any age. 
  • Labor Day Workers Cube via Crayola. This craft also teaches a great lesson. Crayola offers a printable template to help get you started. 
  • Sparkle Bottles via Things to Share and Remember. This is something that you could use year round as a busy bottle or sensory play. 
  • Tin Can Bank via She Knows. Turn a can into a bank and learn about the importance of saving money and what people do at banks and why they are important. also has some other cute Labor Day crafts to check out on the same page! 

Many of these crafts are just general patriotic crafts and can work for the 4th of July, President’s Day, and Veteran’s Day, so be sure to bookmark if you aren’t able to do them all now!

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