Pinecone Research Panel: $3 per Survey

pinecone research

*Update – Pinecone is now closed to new members again.

Pinecone Research Panel is my favorite survey site.  They are a legitimate survey site, they pay top dollar, you get paid immediately, and you get to try lots of great stuff!  The only downside is that they are very exclusive.  You can only join by special invitation or if you find a banner for their site.  Well, good news for you!  I have a banner right here!  Just click the banner on this post or CLICK HERE to join.  You can read my review of Pinecone Research HERE.


  1. Hey everyone I just joined PineCone through this link. Make sure you click where it says USA! I actually found the page by accident in my search for a PineCone banner. I filled out the info from the banner on Sat. and actually joined today when I filled out the initial survey. Good luck!



  2. I am a member of pinecone research and I love it! It is totally legit. and they mail your $3 check immediately, I have not had to wait more than 2 days for a check to arrive at my house. The surveys typically take around 20 minutes to complete and they also have you do a non-pay survey every so often that takes about 5 minutes to complete so that they know what kind of surveys you qualify for. And you get free samples, it’s awesome! I’m very glad to be a survey-ist.


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