1. i went to check for exact address & its spooner brand cereal bricks,com & spoonerbrandcereal momsbrand.com . one site you can print 2 and 1 site you can only print 1 i forget which is which! what was good about having the bags on picture was i found both thr bags &boxes at dollar & went ahead & got the bags. at that dollar tree if the picture is not exactly the same they dont want to take the coupon!


  2. you can get small boxes of spooners at walmart for 1.00 i did this deal on sunday with the bogo coupon got 4 boxes for 2.00 great item for donation bin. also on mom cereal website can print off one fo .75 shows the bags in the picture & there another site on bricks.com for .75 off. they had these at a dollar tree in town close to me so scored 2 bags for .25 each in the chocolate! my 5 yr old grandson & 3 yr old friend next door got those!


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