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Safeway (Tom Thumb): NEW “Just For U” Personalized Savings Program!

Safeway recently rolled out a new savings program called “Just for U”. With this new program, you’ll receive personalized deals and savings on the items you already buy!

The program is available at Safeway and all their affiliate stores: Tom Thumb, Randall’s, Dominicks, Carrs, Pavilions, Genuardi’s, and Vons.

To start getting these great savings, make sure to register on the your store’s website with your email address and reward card number. Then you can start browsing your personalized deals!

There are three main areas of the “Just for U” savings center: the coupon center, personalized deals, and your club specials.

Coupon Center

The coupon center contains digital coupons that you load onto your reward card. The digital coupons do not double and are one-time use only.

The digital coupons are the same for everyone, though they are sorted based on your purchase history. Some coupons will vary by region.

You cannot stack a paper manufacturer coupon with a manufacturer’s digital coupon. You’ll be able to tell the difference between the store coupons and manufacturer’s coupon by looking at the type of discount. If it says $1 OFF, then it is a manufacturer discount. If it says $1 EACH then it is a store discount. Notice the difference below, the Starbucks coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon and the International Delight coupon is a store coupon.

If you accidentally stack, and your paper coupon is better than the digital coupon or vice versa, the computer will give you the better deal and return your unused coupon.

Personalized Deals

Under the personalized deals section you’ll find offers that are just for YOU. These offers are based on your shopping history so you’ll get discounts on the items you frequently buy.

It is important to make sure you aren’t sharing your card with anyone – if you see offers for cat food, but you don’t have a cat, then you might want to rethink letting your cat-owning family member use your card occasionally. The offers are better personalized if each family has their own card.

These personalized deals are great because you’ll get savings on things you may not save on very often – like produce! Over the past couple of weeks I’ve received personalized prices for watermelon, cucumbers, green onions, and more!

Remember, these deals are not going to be the same for everyone. If your neighbor shops at the same store as you and even buys the same items as you, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same deals. However, if you do both get the same offer, it will be for the same price. That means if you get a personalized offer for bananas for 47¢/lb, then your neighbor who got an offer for bananas will also have the same 47¢/lb price (not higher or lower).

The personalized deals are unlimited – that means you can get as many as you want, as many times as you want! If I had a personalized price for milk for $1.50/gallon, I could buy 2 gallons today, 1 tomorrow, 3 next week, and so on until the personalized offer expired.

You may even occasionally see personalized deals for FREE items – these are one-time use only though.

There are new offers added every week and you’ll get an email when the new personalized deals are available.

Another great thing about the personalized deals is that you can stack manufacturer’s coupons with them!

Your Club Specials

The “Your Club Specials” section lists all the sale prices for the week. These are the same for everyone, but you’ll see that the sales are listed in order of importance based on the items you purchase most. That makes it a little easier to find the sales you’re looking for.

Mobile App

If you have a smartphone, be sure the download the Tom Thumb app! It really is helpful! You can access your personalized deals and coupon center (your club specials are not accessible on the app) while you are right there in the store. You can add the deals and coupons to your card and then create a shopping list.

What I love most about the app is that it automatically updates as items are added or removed from the shopping list. Say your husband runs to the store for a couple items and you remember that you need milk and eggs. Just add the items to the list and when your husband checks the “my list” section of the app, he’ll see the new items on there.

I think this new program has a lot of potential! It sounds like a fairly easy way to save money if you find paper coupons to be too much of a hassle.

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend a Tom Thumb blogger event to get the full scoop on the new savings program. I was provided with gift cards.

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