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Save (and Make) Money with the KonMari Method!

You’ve most likely heard of Marie Kondo and the KonMari method of tidying up. Between her two books and her new Netflix show that premiered at the beginning of the year, I’ve definitely been inspired to tidy up around the house! Also, if you have any ideas to add let me know 🙂

She has a specific process of tidying up – you go through your various items, save what “sparks joy” and donate, sell and throw the rest away. It’s definitely a hard process to go through especially if you’re like me and tend to keep EVERYTHING!

Once you get through sorting, it’s time for giving away (or selling) and storing. I’ve come up with some ways of saving money during this process!

Sell Unwanted Items

Really consider the items you’ve put in your “get rid of pile.” Can some of them be sold at a consignment shop or on Facebook Marketplace? I’ve found that many of my clothes I want to get rid of, I’ve only worn once or twice (and a few still have the tags on)! I Same thing with my books: anything in really good condition, I’m selling online and the rest I’m donating. The other thing you can do once you’ve finished the whole process is have a garage sale!

Use Shoeboxes for Storage

Rather than buying Marie’s $89 box sets, you can use the random shoeboxes you just found in the bottom of your closet! You can use the lids to slide into desk drawers to hold office supplies, while the boxes themselves can go in your dresser to hold clothes! If you don’t have shoe boxes laying around, Amazon has some easy storage solutions as well that are much more in my budget!

Make DIY Keepsake Boxes

For your sentimental items, Marie recommends putting them in a pretty box and showcasing them in a place that brings you joy. Instead of buying a fancy one, you can buy plain boxes at Amazon, Target or Michael’s and decorate them yourself! And if you get your kids involved, not only are the things inside sentimental, the box itself means something too!

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