Sears: {HOT} $50 Men’s Apparel Rebate

Sears has a fantastic Men’s Apparel Rebate starting today (6/11)!  Through 6/20/10, purchase $50 worth of Men’s Apparel (excluding Lands End) and you will receive a $50 rebate reward good on a future $50 Men’s Apparel purchase!

Plus, starting 6/13 CVS will be offering $10 in ECBs when you buy $50 in Sears Gift Cards (Limit 2)!

And….you can shop through Ebates to get 4% cash back!

I know it sounds complicated, but it’s really easy!!

1.  Go to CVS (6/13 – 6/19) and buy a $50 Sears Gift Card, you will get $10 in ECBs back.

2. Go to Ebates, search for Sears, and click through the link to shop and you’ll earn 4% back on your purchase.

3. Buy $50 worth of Men’s Apparel (6/11 – 6/20), use your $50 gift card, and keep your receipt.

4. Mail in the rebate with your receipt by 7/30/10 and you’ll get $50 to spend on a future Men’s Apparel purchase at Sears.

If you were to buy exactly $50 worth it would look like this:

$50 (gift card purchase at CVS)
– $10 ECBs
– $2 Cash Back
+ $0.44 Stamp
= $38.44 for $100 worth of Men’s Apparal!

Not a bad deal!

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!


  1. Do shoes count? And do clothes from anywhere in the men’s section automatically count, or do they have to key in something, or know exactly where it’s from? Does the rebate form print at checkout (we will go to the store) or do you have to print it online; and is there a limited number of ppl who can take advantage of the offer?

    @Amy @Deals for Dayton: Did you try again yet? I would like to know as surely as possible that there won’t be any problems.


    • @Jennifer, All great questions!! I will do my best to answer them. Shoes do NOT count. As far as I know, any other apparel (aside from land’s end) counts. You print the form online from the link above and send it in with your receipt and I guess they can tell if it’s men’s apparel by looking at the receipt. I don’t think there is a limit to the number of people who can do the rebate. If you have any more questions you can call them at 866-212-3760.


  2. Amy @Deals For Dayton

    I sumbitted my rebate Sunday, and today I checked on my status. They are NOT accepting gift card purchases as valid purchases for the rebate. I called customer service and they told me that “gift cards are the same as rewards certificates.” Personally I’m a very upset about this!!


  3. I did this last year, and this weekend again. You can submit the rebate on-line, so you save your stamp, plus you are sure it didn’t get lost in the mail, you get your rebate quicker, and you can go back to the website periodically to check the status of the rebate.

    Also, if you are getting clearance items, check them at a scan box first. We got DH some Dockers True Chinos that were marked down to $19.99 (from about $40 I believe), but when I went to check out they were ringing up $7.99!!! I went back and got a pair in every color his size. There was also some Covington pants marked down to $14.99 that were ringing up for $9.99. Excellent deals!!!


  4. I checked out the paperwork on Sears’ website- you can also submit for the rebate online so you don’t even have to spend .44 on a stamp! Sweet deal on new work clothes for DH!


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