Space-Saving Furniture For Small Spaces

Your home serves so many purposes. It’s where you sleep. It’s where you eat. It’s where you relax. It may even be where you work. But with so many functions crammed into one space, how do you find enough room to accommodate everything?

Space-saving furniture can transform your home and make the space you have more functional. These space-saving furniture ideas combine style and function.


Space-saving bedroom furniture can come in handy if you have a tiny bedroom (like so many older homes), need extra storage space, or want extra space in case you have guests.

You can find a huge array of beds designed to save space. Murphy beds fold up to the wall to free up more floor space. Bunk beds stack one bed on top of another, thereby fitting an extra bed into the same amount of space. A trundle bed fits under a normal bed and rolls out when you need it. Lofts raise the bed, freeing up space underneath for living, working, or storage space. Which option is best for you will depend largely on the space you have available and your goals for it.

Here are a few of our favorite space-saving bedroom solutions:

  • Twin Daybed and Trundle Set – Finding space for overnight guests doesn’t have to be so tricky! This daybed and trundle set provides an extra sleep surface when you need it while still looking refined.
  • Twin Sweet Dreams Low Loft – If your child’s room just doesn’t have enough space for them to sleep, play, and store their prized positions, this loft is a convenient solution. And what kid could resist playing in the adorable area under the bed?

Dining Areas

If you host big family meals or gatherings, you need a table large enough to accommodate everyone and you need plenty of chairs. But when you’re not hosting big meals, your table and chairs take up valuable space you might rather use for something else. Space-saving dining room furniture can make it easier to host your gathering without occupying a lot of room when not in use.

These solutions are beautifully practical:


Whether you work from home or just need a little space to keep records and pay your bills, having a home office can be super convenient. But carving out a workspace isn’t always easy.

These furniture items can help fit an office into even a tiny space:

  • Wall Mounted Desk with Shelving – This desk mounts to the wall and offers small storage for pens, files, photo frames, and other desk knick knacks. When not in use, it folds up and looks just like a cabinet. When you need a workspace, just unfold it.
  • Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk Cart – With this desk cart, you can transform your favorite chair into a makeshift office space whenever you need. Once you’re done working, roll the cart away and tuck it into a hall closet.

Living Rooms

Your living room may be your favorite place for bingeing Netflix, watching movies, and enjoying family game nights. However, if you invite just a few people over, your comfortable living room may transform into a cramped space without enough room for everyone to sit.

Rather than forcing your guests onto the floor, we think the following furniture will come in handy:

  • Coffee Table Set w/ 4 Upholstered Stools – It looks like a fairly standard coffee table, but four stools are tucked underneath. Just take them out when you need them and hide them away when you don’t! Makes for perfect extra seating when hosting guests or even a low dining table.
  • Accordion Folding Paper Stool Sofa Chair – This is undoubtedly one of the most unique couches/chairs/stools we’ve ever seen! Constructed of paper, it accordions out, allowing you to adjust it to fit your space and your needs. When not in use, it folds down to just 16″ x 12″ x 3″, so you can tuck it away in a closet.

How do you make the most out of a small space? Share your favorite space-saving ideas in the comments section below!

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