Super Savings Saturday – 88% Grocery Savings!


Before Sales & Coupons: $155.13
Total Spent: $18.82
Total Savings: 88%

This week Tom Thumb (Randall’s/Safeway affiliate) had some great deals!  They have a mix & match sale going on where you purchase 10 items and instantly save $5.   See the coupon matchups HERE.

Ozarka Aquapods are included in this deal and worked out exceptionally!  They are $2 before the instant savings and there are 75¢/2 coupons in the 2/8 Redplum insert.  Plus, for every 2 you buy, a $2 on your next purchase (OYNO) coupon and a $1/2 Ozarka coupon prints out!  So, this is how the deal works out:

(10) Aquapods $2 ea. = $20
– $5 instant savings = $15
– (5) 75¢/2 coupons = $11.75 out of pocket
Earn (5) $2 OYNO coupons
= $1.75 for 10 packs of water! That’s 16¢ each!

Then you can do the deal AGAIN using the $10 in OYNO and $1/2 coupons that printed out. That deal would look like this:

(10) Aquapods $2 ea. = $20
– $5 instant savings = $15
– (5) $1/2 coupons = $10
– (5) $2 OYNO = FREE
Earn (5) $2 OYNO coupons!

You can keep rolling this deal as many times as you want! You can mix and match the water with other items from the Mix & Match sale, just be sure to buy them in groups of 2 in order to get the coupons.

I also found peelies on the Sobe Water for 40¢ off. The Sobe was only 75¢ after instant savings so I made 5¢ on each bottle! The Fuze and cough drops were also free after coupon.

My store will only double/triple ONE of each like coupon, so I had to do several transactions to get these deals. I had only planned on getting 3 sets of the Mix & Match items but the Sobe peelie discovery and incredible Ozarka deal had me dashing back into the store twice! The Girl Scouts selling cookies outside the store probably thought I was crazy!  Should I add the $3.50 I spent on Thin Mints to my totals?  I think that since it’s going to a good cause and all, that it shouldn’t count towards my grocery budget. 🙂

How did you do this week?  Get any good deals?  I’d love to hear about your savings!  Leave a comment or link to your post with the Mr. Linky below!


  1. Claire and Kori,

    I apologize for my lack of a memory! I did so many transactions and rolled so many coupons that I don’t remember how many coupons I had or how many I used. I pretty sure I earned a $1/2 Q for each set of 2 that I bought. I only had (4) 75¢/2 coupons to start with and I used coupons for each set of water that I bought and I bought 8 sets.

    It is possible that the catalina deal has changed! It is also possible that my mommy brain is fuzzy!

    Even without any coupons, the waters are only 50¢ each after the instant savings and catalinas. Great deal!


  2. Same here!
    I’m in Dallas, and only 1.00/2 Q came out for the first 10 waters.
    So, I bought 2 more waters and 8 ($5.00 off 10) items in the next transaction. Could be that the Catalina company realized the potential (!) of this deal and quickly re-programmed.

    I wasn’t planning on buying any water this week, but thanks to you I got 12 packages of water for only about 2.76 more than my initial budget. With 2.00 to use on my next trip!
    Thank you so much for sharing this information Stephanie.


  3. So I ran over there… got all of the waters. woops… they only had 10. But then I only got one of the $1/2 so thats a bummer! Oh well still a good deal!


  4. Thank you thank you!! I love these for my little one. Just wish I had more of the coupons! 🙁 But still going to do the deal!


  5. Girl Scout cookies don’t count as groceries LOL! I put them in under “pop and candy” line item!

    Anyway to the topic of the day. We don’t have the same coupon policies in Monroe MI as you’re finding. I’ve got double coupons up to 50 cents at the stores that double coupons.

    That being said, I got very good results for couponing and sales-shopping at CVS, Meijer and Kroger this week. Other stores also had good deals – plenty to pick from.

    Monroe on a Budget’s last blog post..Deborah Saul’s economic stimulus wish list


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