Super Savings Saturday – 89% Grocery Savings


Paid: $8

Saved: $70.25 (89%)

You can see all the coupon matchups for these deals HERE.

I did have a few extra coupons.  I got some $1.50/1 Kashi Coupons plus a Coupon for a Free box of Kashi Waffles in the mail from Vocalpoint.  I also got a box of the Ritz Bits for $1 after $1 Target Coupon – not the best deal, but the kids love them!

The Salad Dressing, BBQ Sauce, 100 Calorie Packs, Bliss Candy Bars, 1 box of Kashi Waffles, and Quaker Bites were all completely Free!  I think we are set for snack foods for quite some time!

My trip ended up being quite funny.  I had a teenage guy for my cashier and as I was paying he called over another employee and asked “Is it okay if her total was like $80 and now she is only paying $8??”  The other employee glanced through my coupons, asked if he had made sure I got everything for the coupons, and told him it was definitely fine!  It really gave me a good laugh!

My friend Rachel over at Surviving the Stores also went to Target this week.  You can see her incredible savings HERE!

How did your shopping go this week?  Get any good deals?  I’d love to hear about your savings!  Leave a comment or link to your post with the Mr. Linky below!


  1. At Harris Teeter this week, with in-store sales and coupons, we saved about $40’s.

    @ Carrie, If you have the time, patience and a little money to get you started, you can save tons of money by matching up your coupons from the Sunday paper, downloadable coupons and more. I’ve subscribed to tons of savings blogs to help get me going.

    I’ve offically become the ‘I’ve got a coupon for that!’ woman! I carry a big binder full of coupons into stores because my hub, who actually doesn’t mind going, always wants to pick up things ‘unplanned’.


  2. Hey Carrie – I’m right there with you on Hurricane Ike. My apartment complex was without power for 2 weeks! I know others were out for longer but it was so hot and ugly out for those 2 weeks that it felt more like 2 months.

    Stephanie – Thanks for your tips! I went to Target today and the original cost would’ve been $167.92 but because of people like you helping I paid $56.77 oop. It was a great feeling! Thanks again.
    ~ Dawn (coupon newbie)

    Dawn’s last blog post..Target trip 5/16/2009


  3. We are in major debt from Hurricane Ike hitting our home last summer and I’m looking for more ways to save money. I saw all that you got at Target (I’ve seen this on other sites also), how are ya’ll doing that? Is there a post/instructions that can explain it to me? Thank you for any response!
    [email protected]


  4. I went to Bloom Saturday morning and spent $.96 and saved $40.26
    Target Saturday night, spent $8.00 saved $30
    2nd bloom trip-$14.95 saved $39
    3rd bloom trip-$12.45 saved $41
    So all together I spent $36.36 and saved $150.26!!!
    This was my first time going out with coupons and really trying! Thanks to this wonderful site and other sites I got some wonderful deals!!!


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