Couponing Basics
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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Couponing the Easy Way!

Couponing is not hard. Or rather, it doesn’t have to be. This post should give you some perspective on how easy couponing and saving money can really be! There’s a trend when introducing couponing to newbies – they all ask, “Isn’t it hard?” Easy Couponing First of all, the effort that you see bloggers and couponing pros put into couponing isn’t […]

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How to double coupons
Couponing Basics
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What Does “Doubling Coupons” Mean?

Doubling and tripling coupons is one of the most confusing aspects of couponing when you’re starting out.  So, I am going to explain exactly how to double and triple coupons! Double or triple coupons is a promotion offered by a store in an effort to get you to shop there. Doubling coupons is when the store will take your coupon […]

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Couponing Basics
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How to Make a Coupon Shopping List

A lot of people who want to coupon never even get started because they don’t know how to make their coupon stack make sense with their real grocery needs. This post will teach you how to create an effective coupon shopping list. Make the most of your coupons while still buying things you actually want and need. Hopefully after reading […]

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Coupon: $1.50 Off Huggies Little Swimmers

It’s finally spring, and that means it’s time to start hitting the pools and beaches! Well, for most of the country anyway… Whether you’re soaking up the sun this weekend or still have a few weeks to go, stock up on Huggies Little Swimmers with this coupon! Coupons powered by Remember to read the coupon carefully so you know […]

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Books, Movies & Music
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BOGO Tickets to See Wonder Park at AMC

Now through 4/11, you can score BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) adult tickets for the movie Wonder Park at AMC Theatres! This offer only applies to box office purchases, not online orders, so you’ll have to walk up to the window the old-fashioned way. Just present this coupon to the cashier to get the deal. Note that both tickets […]

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