A Busy Moms Guide to Couponing the Easy Way! Is couponing too difficult? It doesn't have to be! Check out these tips for saving money without spending tons of time!

A Busy Mom’s Guide to Couponing the Easy Way!

A Busy Moms Guide to Couponing the Easy Way! Is couponing too difficult? It doesn't have to be! Check out these tips for saving money without spending tons of time!

Lately I’ve noticed a bit of a trend when introducing couponing to newbies – they all ask “Isn’t it hard?” I know that my confusing lingo and major shopping trips might make it look like a lot of work, so please allow me clear up that misconception right now!

First of all, what you see bloggers and couponing pros put into couponing isn’t necessarily the norm. Some people just really enjoy couponing and take it up as a hobby. While it may seem that we spend an extraordinary amount of time planning, clipping coupons, and shopping, it isn’t really necessary if you just want to save a little money on your grocery bill.

Do you watch 1 hour of television per week?  If you do, you do not have to spend ANY extra time clipping coupons!  I always clip my coupons while watching my favorite show each week – which I would watch either way.  So, no extra time spent clipping coupons!

You don’t even have to clip coupons! Some people prefer to file their coupon inserts away whole and uncut. I actually did this for a while myself. The only downside is that you might miss out on some unadvertised deals and clearance. When you need to find a coupon you can search the Coupon Database. Just type in the product you are looking for, for example: Huggies or diapers, and it will tell you every single place you can find a coupon for that product. You can even narrow the search by store and coupon source (printable, insert, magazine, etc).  Tip: You can find the date of the coupon insert by looking along the spine of the insert.

You don’t even have to search for deals. Blogs like Couponing 101 do all the leg-work for you! Print the grocery store coupons and deals list, gather the coupons you need, and go! All of that can take 10 minutes or less.

You don’t have to go to every store and get every deal. Pick your favorite store or two and stick with them. If you prefer one stop shopping, Walmart will price match competitors grocery prices. That means, if the grocery store in town has a cheaper advertised price on an item, Walmart will adjust their price down to match it. Just bring in the ad circular and present it to the cashier at checkout, pointing out the items you would like to price match. You can still use coupons on those items as well!

The very first coupon I used was for $1.50 off diapers almost 4 years ago. I am just as proud of saving that $1.50 as I am of the hundreds of dollars I now save our family every month.  Couponing is just a way for me to contribute to my family. Remember, no matter how much you save, you are helping your family!

If you are new to couponing, I highly recommend that you read my tutorials in the Getting Started with Couponing section of my blog. Please feel free to ask me ANY questions!


  1. Stephanie, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to new couponers. I work at Publix and when I talk to customers about coupons they are usually a little overwhelmed, if not intimidated. I usually hear that its too hard or that its too much work. Once I explain to them how easy it is and how I do it, they’re much more open to the idea. I share my blog address with them and tell them to check out all the blogs I link to (including this one) that help me out. Yes, it may take some time and planning, but I think saving the extra money is worth it! 🙂
    .-= Meghan´s last blog ..How I plan my shopping =-.


  2. Ya know I googled “What does doubling coupons mean” yesterday and it gave me this site! I just started couponing last week and let me tell you, you are amazing :0) I want to thank you for sharing all you know about couponing! My family is going through some financial issues just like everyone else in this country and your blog and all of the posts I don’t feel as bad about having to save. I always felt weird/nervous having to use coupons so I never used them. I’m so happy to hear I’m not alone!


  3. Thanks for the reminder that ‘every little bit counts’! My husband used to scoff at the fact that I bothered cutting out coupons. I am definitely not one that spends hours on it – I just do a little web searching and check out the Sunday paper.

    However, I had a shopping trip to Albertsons’s where we bought only things on our regular list and only items that we needed anyway. Between the Albertson’s card, store sales and coupons, we saved more than $80! That was all it took to convince my husband that coupons were worth the time!


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