Get ready! Target toy clearance is coming! Save up to 70% off toys in July!

Target 70% Off Toys Clearance – July 2014

Get ready! Target toy clearance is coming! Save up to 70% off toys in July!

Target marks their toy clearance down to 70% off twice a year – after Christmas and at the end of July.  If tradition holds true, then next Thursday (7/31) should be the day that Target marks the toys on clearance down to 70% off!

You’ll want to plan to get to Target early because the toys tend to sell out fast!! Be sure to check down the aisles too and scan everything. Some things may be marked at 50% off but may actually be 70%!

Now, remember, not all stores follow the same schedule, so some stores may be at 70% off and some may still only be at 50% off. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if you find the toys 70% at your store!

This is a great opportunity to save money on Christmas gifts as well as stock your gift closet with inexpensive gifts for birthday parties!

Here are a few pictures of what Couponing 101 readers have been able to get at the sale in past years:

Whitney was able to get everything in the picture for just $41 – retail price was $196!


Heather scored all the toys above for just $67.85!


Courtney spent $54 for everything pictured and saved $166!  Grand total would have been $220!


Dara visited 4 Targets and got everything pictured for jut $394.08 – retail value was $1576.32!


Chrissy in Virginia spent $23.89 and saved $72.04! She got a $35 Fancy Nancy doll for only $8!


Amy got everything pictured for around $80 and saved around $240!


Robyn paid $160.07 for everything pictured – retail would have been $672.23. Almost everything was part of the toy clearance, but she did get 10 things from the $1 aisle in the front of the store, and there is one pair of women’s jeans in there that only cost $1.98!


Let us know what you find!

Thanks, Surviving the Stores!

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