Target: 75% off Christmas Clearance

In case you were wondering why I disappeared after those Kohl’s posts, it’s because I had to go to Target and see if the Christmas clearance had dropped down to 75% off…and it has!!

Go, go, go!

I went a little crazy on decor last year, so I didn’t really get any this time.  I mostly wanted to replenish my wrapping paper stock, and pick up a few odds and ends for next year.  It was so fun!

Some of my favorite finds:

  • Millstone Holiday Peppermint Ground Coffee 12 oz $1.74 (reg. $6.99)
  • Kleenex Holiday Print Tissues 74¢ (reg. $2.99) – 55¢ Coupon (homemailer) = 19¢
  • Mega Blocks Stocking Stuffers $1.24 (reg. $4.99)
  • White Fudge Oreos 62¢ (reg. $2.50)
  • Pet Stocking filled with various dog toys $2.49 (reg. $9.99)

Other household items with Holiday Print I looked for, and couldn’t find (but your store might still have them in stock):

  • Bounty Paper Towels and Napkins
  • Reynold’s Foil
  • Ziploc Bags
  • Method Hand Soap ($2/1 Printable Coupon)
  • Command Hooks
  • Scotch Tape (Printable Coupons)
  • Pillsbury Holiday Cake Mix, Brownie Mix, and Icing
  • Kraft Jet Puff Marshmallows

So, be sure and bring your coupons!

Also, make sure you price scan – they may not have gotten around to changing the 50% signs to 75% signs, but the prices may already be lower.  Price scan everything before you buy it in case some non-holiday items that aren’t discounted got mixed in with the holiday items.  Also, look in the regular aisles too!  Things like Bounty Paper Towels may be on the shelf mixed in with the regular items instead of in the holiday section!

Candy was still only 50% off at my store but you might check and see if yours is 75% off.  If so, there are some great Target Printable Coupons that could get you some very cheap, or even free, candy!

So, did you get anything good?

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  1. They hadn’t marked Christmas down to 75% off when I was there yesterday, but maybe it was just the signs. I didn’t think to price scan! I did find Rayovac batteries at the Dollar Spot for 50% off – so they were 50c/pack!


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