Target Trip 5/6 – 90% Savings!


The total for everything pictured (plus 1 Bliss bar and 2 Quaker bites that the kids and I ate on the way home):

Paid $6.48

Saved $60.38 (90%)

You can see the all the Target deals with coupon matchups HERE.

The only things different were that I had a coupon for a Free Fiber One Chewy bars and my B1G1Free Kraft took off $1.50 ea. – even though they were only 77¢!   The cashier and I couldn’t figure out why and she ended up just letting it go through!  Also, the $4/1 Glade coupon is apparantly a regional coupon that my area did not get.  🙁  Thankfully I still had the $4 printables that were available a few weeks ago!  This trip went very smoothly!  A few coupons beeped, but the cashier pushed them all through!  I hope I get the same cashier next time because I will be going back for more free Bliss (WHY did I only print 7 coupons!?!?)!

*Update!  Here is a breakdown of my transactions and coupons used:

1st Transaction

(2) Glade Candles $5.79 ea.
– (2) $4/1 Printable coupons (no longer available) – some areas got a $4/1 in the 5/3 SS

Paid $3.58
Earned $5 Gift Card

2nd Transaction

(1) Fiber One Chewy Bars $2.39
– Free Fiber One Chewy Bars Q – $2.39
(2) Fiber One Yogurt $1.97 ea.
– (2) $1/1 Fiber One Yogurt Printable Coupons
(1) Fiber One Toaster Pastries $1.79
– 50¢/1 Fiber One Toaster Pastries
= $3.23
– $3.23 on gift card earned from Glade

Paid $0
Earned $5 Gift Card

3rd Transaction

(7) Hershey Bliss bars 99¢ ea.
– (7) $1/1 Hershey Bliss Target Qs
(1) Teddy Grahams $2
– $1/1 Nabisco Snack Target Q
(1) Ritz Crackers $2
– $1/1 Nabisco Snack Target Q
(2) Wheat Thins Artisan Crackers $2.99 ea.
– B1G1Free Coupon (3/15 SS)
– $1/2 Wheat Thins Target Q
(4) Quaker Bites $1 ea.
– (4) $1/1 Quaker Snack Target Q
(2) Quaker True Delight Bars $2.89
– (2) $1/1 Printable Coupons (there are also $1/1 Target Qs but I forgot them!)
(6) Kraft Easy Mac 77¢ ea.
– (3) B1G1Free Qs – $1.50 ea. (Parade Magazine 5/3)
– (3) $1/2 Easy Mac Target Qs
(4) Kraft Shells & Cheese $1.50 ea.
– (2) $1.50/2 Printable Coupons
(2) Kashi Frozen Waffles $1.97 ea.
– (2) $1.50/1 Printable Coupons
(2) Kraft Mayo $1.99 ea.
– (2) $1/1 Coupons (4/26 SS)
– $1/2 Kraft Mayo Target Q
(2) lbs Gala Apples $1.93 (I came up a little short of 1 lb on one bag – oops!)
– (2) $1/1 Apples Target Q
= $9.67
– $6.77 on gift cards earned in 1st & 2nd transactions

Paid $2.90

Total Out-of-Pocket (OOP) Cost for all 3 Transactions: $6.48


  1. WOW! I’m sorry you guys are having such bad experiences. I have had my fair share at Target – they are very difficult sometimes.

    As far as the 1 per transaction rule – the coupons do say that. I am very fortunate to have a Target that will let me use all my coupons at once.


    Using 3 coupons on 3 products is not stacking. Using 3 coupons on 1 product is stacking – which is not allowed anywhere.


  2. Targets in North Iowa and southern MN are strongly enforcing one Target coupon per transaction and not allowing $1 Target coupons for .99 cent items (smaller versions of cashier aisle Bliss bars, Planters cashews, Chex Mix, etc.) It’s theft/fraud/and breaking the “Thou shalt not steal” commandment to do anything different than what the store or manufacturer allows with our coupons.


  3. I had a hard time at tartget today too. They are enforcing the one per transaction and tried to tell me I couldn’t get the 99 cent stuff using a $1 Q. In the end they let me use them but only one. I have to drive 45 minutes to Target. I may decide better to use my coupons somewhere else.


  4. a visit to target left a bad taste in my mouth today. though the cashier was nice, when the quaker, bliss, and purell (yes, i finally found a target with some left) didn’t scan, the manager came over and said it had to be the same as the picture. i ended up not buying any of them, but i have a question – do they stack coupons? because i had three tampax coupons and she would only take one.


  5. Great job! It doesn’t compare to your haul but here is what we did at Target this week.
    2 boxes of Fiber One Honey Cluster cereal
    2 boxes of Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Chewy Bars
    used 2 -$.75 cereal printable coupons
    used 2 $1.35 bar printable coupons (coupon states only the Chocolate Mocha flavor)
    Total with Tax After Coupons: $5.75
    Received $5 Gift Card for this shopping trip

    Total Cost of 2 boxes of cereal and 2 boxes of bars $.75

    Next, check this link for last weeks deal, where we earned a $5 gift card from our Glade purchase last week.

    So using the total with tax after coupons of $5.75. We paid the bill with the $5 gift card from last week. Which means we charged $.75 on the debit card and walked away with a $5 gift card from today’s purchase?

    For those of you have been reading Frugal Fairhope for a while, would you say that we paid $.75 for the four boxes or Target paid us $4.25 to buy this?

    Note: The printable coupons are still available so you can go to Target now (before Sunday) and do this same “deal”. Unless we are mistaken, we have not seen a limit on the amount of Target gift cards you can receive so as long as you find the computers to print the coupons you can repeat this “deal” over and over again. Just buy 4 at a time to qualify for the $5 gift card and print the coupons you need.

    Frances FrugalFairhope’s last blog post..Frugal Fairhope GIVEAWAY


  6. I’m bummed.., my target apparently just started enforcing the one per transaction rule, and the manager on duty even went so far as to say one per transaction PER VISIT… so to get these deals I’d have to do small transactions and run things out to my car in between… what a pain! Luckily my cashier didn’t make me leave and come back, but she did have to have me split stuff into 2 transactions… AFTER we’d already rung everything up. She was really nice and it worked out, but it was not fun. It may be a while before I go back to Target…

    Rosie Thornock’s last blog post..Pick Your Battles


  7. Stephanie,
    Thanks for the breakdown! Your Target is AWESOME! Wish I could come use it! I went to target today and they didn’t know their coupon policy! I swear it was like they had never seen a coupon before! At first they told me they DIDN”T take TARGET coupons!!!! They were AWFUL! It would take me forever to write everything they were saying! Needless to say I ended up buying NOTHING and took back what I bought in my first transaction. Then called their corporate number – not given to me by them – and they of course said the store was WRONG! UGH so frustrating! I may try again… can’t believe it…..I just want some deals! Plus the free stuff I was going to use in the stamp out hunger with the post office….


  8. Erin,

    Ah! That must by why mine took off $1.50! The Shells n’ Cheese was $1.50!


    Yes! You can do more than one gift card offer per transaction!


    The coupons say 1 per transaction, but the cashiers usually will do all in one for time’s sake.


    The coupon doesn’t specify a size. The coupon beeped for me, but so did other coupons that I bought the item pictured. Doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t buying the correct product just because the coupon beeps.


  9. I went to Target yesterday and purchased 4 boxes of Fiber One cereal ($2.39 each) and two Bliss candy bars (99 cents each). I received a $5 gift card for the cereals but the computer denied the Target Bliss coupon. The cashier said I had to purchase the larger bag of Bliss to use this coupon and even showed me that the computer denied the coupon. I can never get the great deals that you have. But I will continue to follow your posts for Target as there are 3 stores within 5 miles of home. Thanks for your info.


  10. Hi Stephanie, I went to Target today and used the coupons u told us about on your site in their grocery dept. This was my first time to use coupons at target. I printed the Bliss coupons , quaker bites, and others. I saved a lot using your guidance. My question is did you use 7 coupons in 1 transaction for the bliss, quaker bites,etc?
    I noticed on coupon it said 1 per visit or to that effect. So I only got 1 even though I had several other coupons to use. Can you use several of the target coupons if have that many items? Thanks, I enjoy all your post.


  11. Hi – while I seem to have my shopping at CVS, Walgreens and my local Stop & Shop down, I can’t seem to do well at Target. Do you know if you can earn more than one gift card in a single transaction (if for instance you had combined transactions 1 & 2) would you get 2 gift cards? Thanks for all of the wonderful tips!


  12. The Kraft bogo coupon seems to be working for other Kraft items, too. I just got back from Target, where I got 2 *different* Kraft cheeses in addition to Easy Mac, and it gave me the most expensive one ($2.09) free, rather than the .82 Easy Mac.


  13. Can you give us a list and show the coupons you used with each?
    I am stil working on matching up deals on my own but I love using others shopping lists while I am figuring it out! I did read the target deals but I see some things in your pile that I didn’t see on that list. Thanks


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