The Couponizer Review + Giveaway! (NOW CLOSED)


The Couponizer is an organizing and shopping system for coupons and other discounts.  I was recently given the opportunity to try it out and I am very impressed!  It has held up well over several weeks of intense coupon usage, and has kept me very organized.

I normally keep my coupons in a zippered binder and keep a small accordion check file in my purse for quick trips into the store.  The Couponizer was used in place of the check file.  The Couponizer holds a lot of coupons but there was no way it was going to hold ALL of my coupons (have you seen my binder?)!  In the Couponizer I kept all my Free Product coupons, coupons for products I buy regularly, and coupons for upcoming shopping trips.  It also served as a great way to organize and store my retail and dining coupons, as well as rebates.

I really loved the loyalty card sleeves!  It kept all my grocery savings cards together in one place so I wasn’t digging through my purse/wallet/key ring searching for the one I needed.  I also loved the front pockets.  There is one pocket for your shopping list, one for coupons you are going to use in your shopping trip, one for coupons you will hand the cashier at checkout, and one for coupons expiring in the current month.  It is just so organized!

The Couponizer 7 piece system includes:

The Couponizer – 8″ x 5¼” booklet with 18 grocery coupon pockets, 4 Non-grocery coupon pockets, 3 gift card/shopper loyalty sleeves, shopping pockets

  • Shopping List – 20 page tear off list pad with cardboard backing
  • CoupStacker – pre-sorting mat color coded to match the system pockets
  • CoupTracker – 15 page spiral bound list pad with cardboard backing
  • Scissors – blunt tip
  • Carrying Bag – clear vinyl zippered bag

I think The Couponizer would be perfect for new couponers,those who buy just 1 paper per week, and those who file their coupons by insert.  I would have loved to have something like this to keep me organized when I was just starting out!  Couponing would have been SO much easier!

Amy Bergin, creator of The Couponizer, has generously offered to give away one of her Couponizers to one of my readers!

The Prize

One lucky reader will win The Couponizer system!

How to Win

1. Leave a comment on this post about your current method of coupon organization.

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  1. Hello- my sister just referred me to your website yesterday- as a last resort!!! I think I have tried everything and nothing ever seems to work for me. Usually I end up going through all of my coupons in the car at the store and then throw them all in my purse because I have 3 or more kids with me who are already done shopping before we ever make it in the store. I have bought the accordian style organizers, I have used seperate envelopes, even ziplock bags! But usually everything is too small so I through it all in my purse! I am COMPLETE MESS- and would love for one thing to be almost easy for me:)

  2. I love shopping, I really save alot when research before I start shopping. I make sure I have all my coupons ready.

  3. Right now, I am in the process of going through my envelopes to keep my coupons organized. This is not working so well for me though. 😉

  4. I use an envelope for my coupons….absolutely no organization at all! 🙂 This can be really frustrating in the grocery store when I see something on sale that I know I have a coupon for. :$

  5. This looks like a nice system, I’m just starting to learn the art and planning required for a good shopping experience and this would make it easier in execution. The options for coupons have changed so much since college when I had to do this to eat, now it is back around to the same thing 20 years later. Thanks for the information, hints, and coupon leads.


  6. I currently use an envelope for my coupons….absolutely no organization at all! 🙂 This can be really frustrating in the grocery store when I see something on sale that I know I have a coupon for. :$

  7. I have a pile of papers on my desk, that is how I coupon! I would love the organizer shown on this blog. I am a beginner to the world of couponing and I have loved the valuable information on this site!

  8. I have a folder at home where i keep all coupon inserts and printables. i clip them only when i know i am going to use them. i could sure use this product though for trips to the store. i currenly put all coupons for a particular store into and envelope and write on it the deals i am after. i would love to keep all store specifics in one place with the loyalty cards. Here’s hoping!!

  9. I currently use 2 accourdian files. I need more slots the more into couponing i get. I try to look at all my coupons toward the end of the month to see what is going to expire before the end of the month & see if we need it. Then those that I won’t use i pass on to others. I try to remember to take with me to dr appts because I know I’ll be waiting at some point.

  10. I’ve just started getting back into couponing again… unfortunately I do it the hard way… everything is stuck in a envelope. I need to get organized!

  11. I recently entered the world-wide game of couponing at the suggestion of a friend. It’s not only been fun, but empowering to actually feel like I have some control over our grocery budget. When it comes to organization I usually organize by aisle in a little accordian folder, similar to how a store stocks items, so I don’t miss one. Nothing feels like I lost the game than when I get home and realize I had a coupon for something I bought and didn’t know it. However, the system still needs work and any help in how the “pros” do it would be great!

  12. Right now I use a shoebox with envelopes organizing my coupons. Now that my baby enjoys grabbing (and dumping) everything within her reach, I’m thinking it’s time for a new (more secure) system! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  13. My current method is not good. I just put everything in a shoe box and sort through it when I go to the store. I think I really need this olrganizer

  14. I am new to couponing (as of 5-17-09). I currently use envelopes and stash it in my purse and hope that I can find the envelope when it comes time to go shopping. This would be great to win.

  15. I currently use a binder with baseball sleeves. It works okay, but I’d like to find a system that’s a little quicker and doesn’t need so much maintenance.

  16. Wow this would be great o win. I am just starting out and right now I use envelopes to *try* and keep my coupons organized, yeah needless to say its not working very well. This seems just the thing I need. thanks for the chance at winning this.

  17. I store my coupons by insert and I cut out what I want to use. I would love to have them cut and organize but I have wayyy too many coupons

  18. I currently keep my inserts in date-labeled folders, then take out what I need for shopping and put into my worn out coupon keeper- I need something new!

  19. I have never really used coupons because I thought it was a waste of time, but after reading how much you can really save, I would like to give it a try. I am a very organized person, so I would love to win the coupon organizer so I can get started.

  20. I would greatly love to win this prize because I am currently just using and old envelope.

  21. these look pretty cool. my husband has been out of a job since feb so every little bit would help.:-) i’d love to learn this little system.

  22. I’m so new too. Right now I use an old baby wipes tub to hold all my coupons and when i’m off to the store i put them in a ziplock baggie. LOL pretty funny huh?

  23. Since I’m just starting, I keep my coupons in a clasp envelope in my purse. I use a paper clip to hold together all the coupons I will be using on a trip to any given store. This sounds like it will be a great help. Thanks.

  24. I love couponing! Right now I organize with 3 accourdian files, 1) food 2) household and 3) personal care. I have also used a zipper binder. I am always on the look out for something that makes it easier and less time consuming.

  25. I use a small check file with customized labels for each grocery category. It only has about 12 categories and I use one of them for restaurant and store coupons so I wish I had more pockets. This system looks really nifty.

    Kristin @ klingtocash’s last blog post..Bidding on Priceline

  26. I am new to all of this couponing goodness but I am getting into it quickly and I could use a little help. Thanks!! 🙂

  27. I’ve been couponing for about a month now and I love it:) I just use a little accordian pocket book thing. I would LOVE to win this new organizer because it looks way better than what I currently use:)

  28. I currently use an accordion style coupon book in my purse. However, it is following apart now that I am getting more hard core with couponing. It can’t keep up with the amount of coupons I have. I keep looking for a better way. This couponizer is definitely worth a try. Thanks!

  29. I am trying to become more efficant in the coupon world and it is slowly happening. Right now I have a plastic organizer that i got for a $1 but after the first shopping trip the latch busted so not I use a regular mailing envelope and all my savings are throwing together. This organizer would be great to have.

  30. Right now I use an envelope for my pure and I have a cubby on my desk for all of the Sunday paper inserts. I’m not willing to pay full price for an organizer, so I will wait until I find an awesome sale or coupon.

  31. I currently use envelopes for each stores. I also have a binder but cannot get up the nerve to carry the whole binder.

  32. Hi there!

    I currently use a little accordion folder for my coupons, but it’s quickly getting out-of-hand. With dozens of coupons coming in every week, I’m stumped!

    I also subscribe to your RSS feed!


  33. I have a 3 ring binder with clear plastic pockets that I organize my coupons in by major category, such as Dairy, then further categorized, such as Butter/Cheese/Yogurt. I have a separate pocket folder for meals and offers from restaurants and stores filed in order of expiry that always stays in the car. Before I go to the store, I print my list of what I’m getting through the Grocery Game, add any deals gleaned from other blogs such as yours, match my store coupons and manufacturers coupons to sale items, then put the coupons I plan on using in pocket folders individually labeled by store – CVS/Walgreens/Kroger/Target. These are folders that have 2 pockets, so when I place the item in my shopping cart I transfer the corresponding coupon to the other pocket. I take both the binder and the folder with me to the store, but leave the binder in the car, in case there’s an unexpected deal that I need a coupon for that I didn’t put in the folder. This really works for me, but I have a friend that is just starting and the couponizer would be a great gift for her!

  34. Wow- I totally need this. I’m semi-new to couponing…I have been doing it for a while but not hard core. I’m trying to get more into it so I can save more money. Currently I’m using an old Bi Lo holder with paper dividers. Really ineffective! =)

  35. I currently use a clear accordian type coupon organizer from Container Store…..however I’ve got so much in it that I can no longer use the snap without feeling like it will break off. I’ve got too many coupons now for the organizer I currently use!!!

  36. I currently use a purse coupon holder with dividers and sometimes white envelopes for each store, if I have many trips. I would love to try this!!!

  37. Hi. I love your emails. I am pretty new to couponing and you have already taught me tons! I am working on being more organized with my coupons. I am currently using an accordian small file but I find I have a hard time when I get to the stores and I have to put the coupons I am using aside as I find the item. I tried putting them in an envelope but when I can’t find an item it throws me off. Any suggestions??? I would love to win the couponizer to help me with my coupon problems. Thanks for all your hard work. You have helped me save alot of money when shopping!

  38. I have a file box for inserts; an accordian file (13 pocket coupon file) for IP coupons; another for cut coupons, peelies I forgot to redeem, coupons from inside boxes and from mailers, etc.; a ten pocket notebook to bring with me seperated into stores (WAGS, CVS, Wal Mart, Target, grocery, etc.) that holds lists for the stores and coupons for that trip, and one last one for rebates. WHEW!! I need something like what you do to get it all in one place! I am still fairly new (few months), so I am still searching for the best way for me to handle it all. I still get overwhelmed sometimes!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a Couponizer!

  39. Steph,
    I thoroughly enjoy couponing with you, I always tried, but now I am dedicated to it. My first trip to the store after starting this I saved $46.00, I was astonished, thank you so very much.

  40. I have a medium sized coupon holder, organized with tabs. As I get more and more into coupons I am looking at getting something a little. Maybe a binder with plastic sheets.

  41. I’d love to give this a try. I’ve been couponing for about 6 months now. Still tweeking the system to be more efficient. Your blog really helps.

  42. I’m a newbie to coupons I never really got into using them until the first time I tried using several in one triop and discovered how much I could save … now I feel like a newbie coupon junkie. I’m constantly digging for coupons online and in newspapers and such and what I won’t use I pass along to other folks in my building so they can save some money as well… My first trip I spent $85 for what would normally cost me $105 I know compared to savings I’ve sen others mention it isn’t much, but that was for a month worth of food and such for me and it was enough of a savings to get me hooked. I currently use 4 business sized envelopes for my coupons (Pets, non-food, food, and medicine) I’m currently looking for something that is more durable and easy to use, so if I could win the couponizer, it would help me immensely. Thanks in advance, and I’ll be adding links to this site on all my other sites. blogs and such I have a bunch of them … http://mysite.verizon.net/res10h5hm/

    will take you to a portal to a bunch of sites I’m working on and where I will be placing links to your site throughoout today.. I’m also adding links to my blogs and other social networking sites which I’m going to list on my websites so folks can find me in various social networking type areas online…. I love your site it’s got tons of stuff for me to learn and is easy to understand … Thank you for such a great resource 🙂

    Jenca’s last blog post..

  43. Before I started couponing, I used the small accordian file, but when I saw your binder… I bought one the same day! I use it all the time! It zips up, and has an accordian file in front for store ads. I also have a file box, where I file my weekly inserts. Then I don’t have to clip them until I go shopping. I use the binder for printables, store cards, restaurant deals, rebates and rain checks.

  44. I keep my organized by multiples and then by the month. But the kicker is I put my in the month before they expire!!!!! It seems to help me stay on top of things…

  45. I am totally new to couponing and use standard white envelopes and a folder to contain all envelopes. Making efforts to become more organized.

  46. I currently have mine in a 3 ring binder in baseball card sleeves but would love to win this to organize them out of the binder and in to this for shopping trips. Thanks

  47. I’m a newbie. I currently use separate envelopes for my coupons. I love your site and have learn alot. I am trying different methods to get organized. Don’t know if that’s possible????
    Thank you

  48. I’m new to the whole couponing thing… all of my coupons are currently thrown into a draw that we go through each time we go shopping… not the most efficient that’s for sure!

    Erika’s last blog post..The Los Angels Temple

  49. I currently use a three ring binder with baseball card holders and an alphabet dividers. It is a great system, but kinda bulky to tote around. This couponizer sounds great. I would love to win it.

  50. My method is madness an endless sea of paper clips and beat up folders i desperately need the couponizer!! help please!

  51. Tristen Somerville

    I just purchased an accordion style organizer but am new to all this and need help getting organized.Trying to save my family of 6 $$$. Love your site…

  52. I use the binder method, with envelopes for coupons I use at a particular store, but I am very impressed with this…

  53. I use the binder method. It saves me a lot of time digging through a category for a specific coupon.

  54. my current form of “organization” is a paper clip and alot of patience from my husband . =)

  55. I carry an envelope for each store and put the coupons in. I also have a small pocket that I glued to the front of the envelope that I put store cards and rainchecks in, they are each labeled with the store name and are laminated.

  56. I also just subscribed to your website via email. And also just went to my email and confirmed that it was my email address.

  57. My current system is a mess. I just use envelopes and separate them into the different sections of the store. Then put the ones that expire first, first in the envelope. The Couponizer will definently give me a much more effecient system and not lose out on deals because I didn’t see the coupon in the envelope.

  58. I don’t really have an organizational method at this time – I just keep all my coupons in a big envelope and try to grab what I think I’ll need before I head out to shop. I have purchased a three-ring binder and some sleeves designed to hold baseball cards, but just haven’t taken/found the time to get my coupons organized yet. I’d love to give this a try!

    Lisa’s last blog post..Belated thoughts on Mother’s Day

  59. I use a photo file box with dividers for my main coupons storage.
    I pull my coupons ahead of time before I go shopping and place them in an accordion file to take with me.

  60. Also, I subscribe to your blog via RSS and just want to thank you for all your help and tips.

  61. I finally broke down and bought a small accordion file thingy to keep my coupons in. It’s a little better than my previous method which consisted of a whole bunch of different coupons paper clipped together and lost at the bottom of my purse. It’s still a pain to deal with and I desperately need something more helpful.

  62. I have been using coupons since I was a teenager, and encourage my whole family to use them, even my grandchildren, my current filing system, is a coupon wallet, but it does not hold all my coupons, I would love to win the couponizer, it sounds like just what I need, thanks, I look forward to subscribing to your newsletter

  63. I am new to the the couponing 101 and absolutly love it!!! I have been organinzing coupons in envelopes and labeling which store!! I defintly good benifit from the coupnizer!!! Thanks for creating this website you rock for us single moms!!

  64. I use a tabbed paperbag album to hold and organize my coupons. Thanks for your coupon ideas.

  65. I use 2 of the small accordian files. One for grocery/food items. The other for health and beauty, cleaning, pets. etc.

  66. I use an accordian file that is seperated by store for my trips. For my weekly coupons I buy pocket folders and use each one as a seperate date and place the entire inserts there and just cut them as I need them.

  67. My coupon “system” is basically just file folders! Functional… no. Time consuming… yes! I would LOVE the Couponizer so I could finally have a system that works!

  68. I currently use a small accordian file that is labeled with different categories I use.

  69. I am relatively new to couponing. I currently use homemade envelopes to store my coupons. Prior to the envelopes I just had a mess of coupons thrown into a manilia envelope. I could DEFINITELY use a little organizational help. 🙂

    Jen Doyle’s last blog post..Just Because…

  70. I have a crate with hanging files where I keep all of my inserts from each week and just clip the ones that I need for each trip. I also have a big binder for printable coupons, Catalinas and other loose coupons, sorted by category. I keep a check file handy for the coupons I’m using for a specific trip. Hmmm… So how come it never FEELS organized? LOL

    Karrisa’s last blog post..Giveaway Roundup

  71. I’ve looked at these and since I just switched over to filing by the insert date, and I only get one paper each week it sounds like just what I need. Thanks!

  72. I use a check file/wallet for my coupons. I got the wallet at Staples and it has inserts that you can put into the label tabs and instead of the “months” inserts that would be used for filing checks, I made labels for the various coupon categories.

  73. I am just starting out, so I don’t have a system. But I am an organizing freak and this looks like heaven!

  74. I currently use a medium accordian file for all my coupons. It works for now, but this couponizer sounds wonderful!

  75. I usually use paper clips and a big rubberband, but something like this would be soooo much better!

  76. I have been searching or a better method…accordion to binder(until coupon were falling out!) now back to accordion with envelopes to sub divide tabs.

  77. At the first of the year I began filing my inserts. This simplified my life so much! I also organize my loose coupons in a binder. My husband thinks I need therapy until he sees our grocery budget and then he welcomes my filing system.

  78. You’re already added to my “favorites” on my toolbar. Thanks for your blog – love it!

  79. I cut and file coupons by product. I have two handheld according folders – one for “food” and another for “non food” items. These fit into my “shopping bag” which goes into the store with me and rests in the childseat.

  80. A small accordion file for quick trips I found at 1 section of Target. And big accordion file for storing inserts that stays in car!

  81. I ‘m using a small coupon holder I purchased at Dollar Tree store .It is hard to get some of the larger coupons in it I have to fold them. I would love to have The Couponizer 🙂 I am already a subscriber.Thanks for the giveaway info and all the coupon tips!

  82. I am just starting out on coupon clipping and so happy to have found your blog. It has been a great boost. I have no organization plan yet! So please help.

  83. I must say I am relatively new to couponing and have become addicted!!! I have the whole family even the husbang clipping and looking foe deals. Right now I am using a small accordian organizer, thats not working out to well, I would love a new method to organize so I don’t miss out on any bargains!

  84. I could totally use this as a “helper” to my current system of a three-ring binder and baseball card holders. I need a good place to store all of my coupons for upcoming shopping trips. I think I’m going to LOVE the store loyalty card holder!!!

    Amy Norton’s last blog post..My “baby’s” fifth birthday

  85. I really like the idea of this organizer! I organize my coupons in an accordian binder, but am looking for a more organized way of storing my coupons so I don’t have to dig through my binder all the time! I already get your blog live feed e-mails everyday, but I love reading your full blog to get ideas! Keep it up!

  86. I use a small accordian file keeper that my mom gave me when I got married 4 years ago. It’s pink, has 50’s style pictures on it, and is very simply organized: CVS, Grocery Store, Baby stuff, Food, Misc. Still learning here! 🙂

  87. I keep all my coupon inserts in one drawer and clip them out if / when I need them. this organizer would be great!!!

  88. Elizabeth Gilbes

    I just started couponing about 2 months ago & I’m loving it. I do have a little coupon organizer but it’s already breaking. I’m a stay at home mom of two, girl 7, boy 3(he just recently starting talking). Clipping coupons has helped so much, since my husband is the only one working. This is a great organizer because it looks durable & easy to get the coupons out. I love reading your emails & the great information you give us. Thank you so much. God Bless.

  89. I use 3 small accordian files to organize my coupons. One is for food, one is for household, and the last one is for store coupons and misc. Would love to win the organizer!

    Thanks for the contest.
    [email protected]

  90. I love to use coupons. I do not seem to have a good way of keeping them organized though. This sounds like an awesome way to do it though! I would love to have something like this … I usually put all my coupons in the zipper part of my wallet and end up digging through them all around the store and at the check out. So this little thing would make my life much easier.
    I have enjoyed reading how others keep up with their coupons as well!
    Thanks for all you do!


  92. For years I’ve kept coupons in a small plastic box alphabetized by brands, but I’m at the point that thanks to the great people putting out deals and bargains on the internet, it’s gotten really thick. I’ve been looking at finding a new system, so this could be it.

  93. I currently use a binder to hold all my coupons, and have envelopes in my purse for trips to the store. Thanks.

  94. I have a shoe box that I put dividers in and I file the coupons by type. This is not the easiest system but has worked for me for the last year. I would love to try this system!

  95. I use the binder with baseball card inserts just like you do. Before I go shopping I pull out the ones I need and organize them by stores. Once at the store, I clip the coupons used on the front of my binder so I can find them easily at the checkout. Thanks for all you help!

  96. I organize alphabetically and keep in a plastic box. I also keep a few small photo boxes that came in this box for specific stores (publix, target, walgreens, cvs, riteaid).

  97. I currently use a binder (several actually) and I need something small like the Couponizer for quick trips and such. Thanks for the offer.

  98. I’m using some colored envelopes that separate my grocery from my baby items. I just graduated to these colored card envelopes from white bill paying envelopes because I get so many great coupons from this site I had to move up!!! Thanks for all the great stuff.

  99. I use a binder system with the coupons just in alphabetical order (no catagories). I’d love to find a system that will help me to find and file coupons faster. Thanks for the opportunity to win the couponizer.

  100. I recently switched to a binder with photo inserts, but I used to use a small accordian coupon organizer. I’m hoping to find a better system soon.

  101. I need help organizing my coups! I currently use a binder with photo inserts. I seem to be tweaking my system as I get more coupons as I’m pretty new to this. I’d love to try the couponizer.

  102. I currently use the binder system but I am thinking of changing to the accordian style because folding them into the binder is getting to be daunting. I will try until I figure it out…..

  103. A few years ago, I found some plastic check binders in the dollar section in Target. I got two for all my coupons. One for edible groceries, and the other for everything else…like beauty, paper goods, etc. They came with those little stickers so I could label each category, but now it is completely falling apart, and driving me insane! I have heard such wonderful things about the couponizer, and I would love to give it a try! Thanks for the chance!

  104. I could really use this…my coupons are a mess right now. I am currently using a small accordian style filing system, but it doesn’t hold much. Anything that helps me get organized would be a great help! Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. i just cut everything and put it in the little plastic expandable, its a mess but it works right now, I would love to slowly upgrade

  106. I currently have a large accordion style file w/dividers that I am using for my coupons. I also have gone a step further and created my own “spreadsheet” on my computer to log my coupons into as I get them. That way, I know how many I have of what, and when they expire .. all in an instant. I even transferred this spreadsheet onto my hubby’s old PDA that he was no longer using so I can take it with me on my shopping trips as an “instant reference” instead of having to dig through my coupon holder manually. Sorry for the long story but that’s how I currently organize my coupons! Thanks!! 🙂

  107. I currently use a sad little coupon organizer with paper tab dividers for my coupons that I take to the stores. I also have a basket holding my weekly coupons that I have written the date on. The Couponizer looks awesome!

  108. Right now I use a small coupon organizer I picked up from Target’s dollar section one month BUT it is crammed lol! I definitely need to upgrade my system =)

  109. I am new to couponing. I use a manilla file folder with a pocket to hold my coupons. I sort through them and then put in little envelopes by each store. It is a nightmare. I don’t really like the little checkbook files. I am looking for an easy way to coupon. This sounds like the answer to my prayers.

  110. My current method,when I keep up with it, is filing coupons in envelopes, sticking them in a box. I try to make envelopes by store when I can prior to trips. Of course, this is when I keep on top of things. All to often i just have a pile of coupons. :-/

  111. Oh! My! I seem to be going through the normal progression of coupon keeping. I began clipping every coupon to now, I am only clipping the ones I want to use that trip or know I will use. I have used everything from a little plastic organizer to a shoe box to envelopes.
    I really could use a better method.

    searcher7105 at gmail dot com

  112. that is CEE RAZE EE that this is your post today. i thought about you today and was going to ask you how you organize your coups. i have a vintage accordian thing. it’s quite cool, but it’s not going to hold my coupons much longer. {i got this very cool thing at a garage sale for 5 cents!) would love to be entered. you are on my blog roll and i think i need to add your button, i’m diggin the info you have quite a bit.

    Leah’s last blog post..just jules interview

  113. I am realtively new to couponing and don’t really have a system yet. This would really help me.

  114. I use a regular 3 ring binder, dividers to make sections, and use trading card sheet protectors. I’ve got to upgrade to a bigger binder soon!

  115. I currently file my inserts in an acordian file and my cut coupons go in catergorized envelopes. My acordian file has enough room for 8 weeks of inserts and it has five shorter files in the front that I use for my stores: CVS, Walgreens, Target, Kmart and ‘Rebates’. Every week I take my new inserts and put them in the spot where the oldest inserts were. I then cut up the oldest inserts and file them in my envelopes. I think my system is pretty simple and time saving.

  116. I use the famous white envelope system. I look like a crazed coupon fanatic searching for a certain coupon in the store. My friend has a Couponizer and I totally love the sorter. I subscribe to the RSS feed.

  117. I currently just have a stack of coupons and then I have envelopes for each store that I go to. I would love one place to put everything together.

  118. I haven’t found anything to help me get organized. I’m using a recipe box right now but it’s too big to take to the store. I would love this!

  119. since I am so new to couponing I could really use an organizer to help get me in gear. i feel lost with all of these coupons and lists and store cards (oh my). thank you- ariella

  120. I have a small plastic dollar store coupon organizer and I’m sick of it. The plastic is all cracking and it never stays open when I’m searching for a coupon – I need the couponizer!

  121. I am new to couponing; I have a file folder that I use that is labeled, but I find it difficult to find the coupons to use every week. I look at blogs and have read The Grocery Game to help but I’m definitely still learning!

    Mandy’s last blog post..Fat Language

  122. This is a great giveaway! My system right now is a huge box at home (it’s actually a modified recipe box) with folders for my coupons. I also carry an accordion file for my trips for the week and lists.

  123. i use a binder, i need a better binder, since it is just a cheap one, i plan to get a zipper one soon. (although i have a bunch of coupons that need to be filed. filling is no fun.

  124. I also subscribed to your email. Wish I had done it sooner, but I can’t wait for updates! Love what you do!!

  125. I use a binder with trading card plastic pages. It has worked well for me, but it gets really awkward to carry in the store, especially when I have my son with me. I think I’m going to start carrying a small accordian-style organizer for my trips out. Regardless, it has to fit inside my purse! : )

  126. I currently use a binder with “page protector” inserts that are labeled. It’s an average size but is now bursting at the seam. The couponizer sounds like a great idea…

    Kayla’s last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day

  127. I currently use a small accordian file that I carry in my purse as I am fairly new at this. It is about to burst so this would be great to try! Thanks for all you do. I have learned so much.

  128. I have a binder that I organize my coupons in by category then, before I go to the store, I print my list of what I’m getting, match my store coupons and manufacturers coupons to sale items, then put the coupons I plan on using in my smaller coupon accordion wallet. I put the wallet in the binder and take both to the store in case there’s an unexpected deal that I need a coupon that I didn’t put in the wallet.

    I would love to win the Couponizer. I’ve seen one and it was awesome. Thanks for the giveaway and I LOVE your blog!

  129. I’m an obsessed organizer and this coupon book would help a bunch. Right now my dividers are overflowing and the paperclips always get knocked off and lost. Thanks for all the great tips.

    Jeryl’s last blog post..

  130. I have about 20 different envelopes where I divide my coupons into categories. It worked well when I was just starting, but now thigs are getting out of hand I need to try something new. What a great giveaway!

  131. Wow!!!! I am definitely impressed. I am a new “couponer” and would love to get my collection started and organized. 🙂

    Catherine 🙂

  132. I use two small accordian files – one for groceries and one for household items…. but that grocery one is getting bigger! I need to read through all these comments for suggestions too. Thanks for all you do!!

  133. I’ve thought about buying one. I just need an easier way to organize all of my coupons when I am shopping.

  134. Laura Weittenhiller

    I use an accordian style folder for my coupons, but I’m always having trouble with fishing through it in the store. This Couponizer sounds great. I esp need the organization with two young kids always pulling at my coupons.

  135. This looks good. I’m just getting restarted after years of not couponing, so it’s just an envelope for me.

  136. I keep my clipped favorites in a small folder in my diaper bag and the rest are filed by date in a file box. I could really use some help. 🙂

  137. I have signed up with your email and have also added you to my google reader. Thanks for the entry!

    Chancy’s last blog post..

  138. I have just switched over to the binder method, boy it was a lot of work too. I also have the problem of what to do with “everything else” ie restaurants coupons, oil changes and rebates, this binder would be really nice for that kind of stuff 🙂

    Chancy’s last blog post..

  139. Oh my goodness, this giveaway is meant for ME!! I have been couponing now for literally TWO DAYS. I had my first horrible experience at Target on Monday and was almost to tears…but I figured out why, they must have just smealt my fear (and saw my unorganization) I have SINCE tried again and was more organized (so I thought) with my individual bundles clipped together with paper clips for each transaction. I currently have an envelope sized accordian thing with ONLY 5 TABS!! I have been printing awesome coupons online, I get one Sunday newspaper now, and there is NO WAY my little accordian organizer is going to cut it. I SO NEED THIS! It sounds just right for me!!!

    Sheila Capell’s last blog post..Am I one of those people now??

  140. I’m thinking in trying the make yourself binder, I have a mess with all those coupons!

  141. I currently have my stack of coupons in a mini folder I can fit in my purse. Before I head to a store, I sort the coupons I plan to use in the order they are listed on my grocery list. I am not so good at finding a coupon on the spot!

  142. The way I organize is with my hubby’s help. He is the one who keeps them in a binder and when I need them, he’s has them in a flash. He can organize them however he wants….empower him! It’s nice to have the extra help!

  143. My coupon system is very unorganized. I sort out the ones I need for the trip and hope I don’t wish I had the others. In the check out line I dig through the baby bag hoping they are all still together. Yes, I need help!

  144. I currently use a large accordian file to store my coupons. I clip each insert and put them in envelopes (less bulk than the whole insert, plus they’re all cut so no scissors—i have to shop with a toddler!). I also have an excel sheet on my computer that is an “index” of all the coupons I have (internet, mail, newspapers, everything). It tells me what coupons I have, when they expire, and where I can find them in my folder. I update and print the list once a week and take both the list and binder with me shopping. I just started doing it this way, and so far it seems to work (I’m new and don;t have a TON of coupons yet). We’ll see if the index list keeps being worth it as I obtain more. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. I use a binder and a small accordion coupon organizer to organize coupons that I pull out by store.

  146. I use an accordion coupon organizer- but I write my list each week for each store on an envelop- and put those coupons in it!

  147. I’d say I’m a newbie compared to what I continue to learn from experts. Right now I just use an accordian type that I got from the dollar spot a few years ago, but I am couponing full force since finding your blog! My accordian needs replacing and I yearn to one day be a binder type. I call couponing my hobby. I love it!

  148. As a Coupon Newbie – I am still trying to figure out the most efficient way for me. I have a 3 ring binder with clear baseball cards to hold the coupons – each card holder is labeled – ex. Lysol Wipes with 4 sets of dividers; also labeled – ex. the Lysol Wipes would be in the Cleaning Section. That plus my calculator, clip board, pens, circulars, a pad of paper, and envelopes with my coupons for each store – ex. WalGreens, CVS, Publix are all in my pink coupon bag – so that my husband knows it goes back into my car with me daily on the way to work.

  149. I currently use and accordian file with envelopes, I am always looking for an easier way to do it. This would be great to try. Thanks

  150. I currently use a check file. I have a cute little one that fits in my purse so that I can take it with me wherever I go.

  151. I really need something like this. As a person new to couponing, I am struguling with a systen that works for storing and sorting my coupons. Currently I am using envelopes in a small tote bag. (it was the only carry type thing that my kids didn’t think was dorky).

  152. Oh My……my system is always a work in progress. I almost want to quit couponing due too the organization of coupons………..it’s ALOT of work.

  153. I currently use white envelopes and it isn’t working out! I have tried a small photo album, but that didn’t work either! Yikes!

  154. my orginational system is pathetic – currently I have a little plastic envelope that I shove everything in, along with shoving everything into my wallet – I NEED a change, and this seems like a great and easy way to start. Also, newly made big fan – read you on google reader.

  155. My coupon system is very low-tech and disorganized… I use an envelope! I would love to win the Couponizer to help me be more organized. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  156. I have always wanted to try this system. I seem to switch every couple of months trying to find a system that will work better for me. Right now I’m using a box with the coupons in envelopes. Works fairly well but not perfect. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Shellie’s last blog post..FREE Card from Hallmark

  157. I really need something like the couponizer because my only method of organizing is a pencil box and paperclips. It makes me crazy sometimes.

    I’m also a suscriber to your e-mail. Thanks for the contest and your blog is my 1st go-to for great deals.

  158. I so need one of those!!! My current metthod is very messy…I have some in an accordion file, some in my purse, some on my table, and some in folders!!!

    My bf says if I don’t organize my massive load he’s gonna leave me!

  159. I currently use a 12” X 6” mini filing folder that I bring in my purse to store my coupons. I divide it into Walgreens, Fred Meyer, and then break down by other types of groceries. For my weekly inserts I use one large folder.

    The couponizer looks like a great way to organize! Thanks!

  160. I am new to all of the couponing but I am really getting into all of it. It is amazing how much money you can save by just taking a little time to cut coupons. I am having a little trouble with the organizing of them all. I think that this would be a really good tool to help me with this.

    Thank You
    Tara Delong

  161. I hole-punch each week’s circulars, write the date on them, and then can’t find the coupon I’m looking for when I need it. ugh! I need a new system!

    ladybughugs’s last blog post..Egg Hunt

  162. i use paperclips and an envelope divided by stores (sometimes with a postit of the deals i’m going to pick up). for the sunday paper coupons, i keep them in a stack with the dates (and just go through them when i need a coupon).

    liloh’s last blog post..sandbox

  163. I currently just stick all of my coupons from each week’s paper into a envelope that I date. Kind of annoying, but it’s a cheap system! Of course, if I could be really organized and thrifty that’d be even better! Here’s to hoping I win ~

  164. i’m new to this and currently use the binder with baseball card inserts. i usually pull the coupons i’m going to use before going to the store and attach to a print out of all the suggested combinations. i bring the whole binder with me in case i see some other items on clearance but would love to give this little organizer a try. i also already subscribe to your feed.

  165. I am new to couponing too and currently use folders and envelopes. I would LOVE this organizer!

  166. Wow – I’ve been waiting for someone to create the perfect organizer and I’m impressed that you like it! Currently, I just keep everything in an envelope, in order of expiration and they grouped by type of food, but this process is not very good. I’m adding you to my blogroll now!

    Southern’s last blog post..Getting Fresh

  167. Jennifer Wittrock

    Love your blog! Right now, I use a binder with baseball card insert pages. I’m new to all this~!

  168. I currently use the binder method, and then put the coupons I am going to use that day into single envelopes – one for each store. My envelops are getting pretty worn looking. This would be great for me to use!

  169. I’m just getting into couponing, and can’t believe how much I am already saving. My coupon organizing system is lacking! I have a small accordian style folder and a plastic bin with tons of coupons I haven’t figured out where to keep. The Couponizer sounds great!

  170. I currently use a medium size accordian style coupon holder. It works okay but I’m very interested in this product.

  171. hi, i am new to all this but am trying….my methods for my coupons aren’t as good as the organizer , i have a small plastic tub …help me get organized and same my family lots of $ !

  172. I am new to couponing and would love to win the couponizer. Currently I use a small accordion check file to organize my coupons.

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