Walgreens Deals 4/26 – 5/2


If you’re new, please read Couponing Terms and Abbreviations and Walgreens 101 before continuing.


Nivea Body Wash $4.99, Earn $4.99 Register Reward
$1/1 Nivea Printable Coupon (no longer available) OR
– $1/1 Q (4/19 RP)
= Free + $1 Profit after Q and RR

Rembrandt Toothpaste or Mouthwash $5.99, Earn $5.99 Register Reward
= Free after RR

Bayer Quick Release Crystals 4pk $2.49, Earn $2.49 Register Reward
= Free after RR

Ecotrin 45ct Tablets $2, Earn $2 Register Reward
$2.25/1 Printable Coupon* – thanks Dianne!
= Free + Profit after Q & RR
*The coupon will either need to be adjusted down to $2 or you will be able to apply the overage to the other items in your transaction.

Good Deals

got2b Hair Stylers 2/$10, Earn $5 Register Rewards on 2
– (2) $2/1 got2b Hair Styler Printable Coupon
= 2/$1 after 2 Coupons and RR

Tresemme Hair Care 2/$7, Earn $2 Register Reward on 2
– (2) $1/1 24-hour Body Printable Coupon
= 2/$3 after 2 Coupons and RR

Band-aid $3, Benadryl $4, or Neosporin $4, Buy $10 & Earn $4 Register Reward
– $1/1 Q (3/15 SS)

(2) Band-aid $3 ea.
(1) Neosporin $4
– (2) $1/1 Bandaid Q
– $1/1 Neosporin Q
= $7, Earn $4 RR
= $3 or $1 ea. after Qs and RR

Schick Intuition or Quattro Razor for Women $8.99, Earn $3 Register Reward
– $4/1 Q (4/26 SS)
= $1.99 after Q and RR

Suave Hair Care 3/$5, Earn $2 Register Reward when you buy 3
– $1/2 Q (3/1 or 3/29 RP)
= 3/$2 or 67¢ ea. after Q and RR

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Kit $13.99, Earn $3 Register Reward
$7/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Printable Coupon
= $3.99 after Q and RR


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*This week’s ad scan can be found here courtesy of HotCouponWorld.

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  1. Stephanie I just wanted to let you know that on the Suave there is a coupon, I’m not sure when it expires, but it should still be good that is $1.75 off 3 products. I used them last week like crazy and still had some left over when Kmart was doubling coupons in my area. Unfortunately I’m at work and couldn’t give you the exact expiration date, but I can tell you that this coupon was right next to $1 off 2 products of Suave as well.


  2. I work at Walgreens and had people getting the RR deals last night, using different RR’s to pay, and getting their new RR’s just fine. Maybe it’s different in different areas but it’s still working here. The RR’s you are using have to be a different company than the product you are trying to get a new RR for.

    For a different poster’s question about cashiers minding doing back-to-back deals–different cashiers feel different ways. I’m very coupon-friendly and if there’s no line I don’t mind you doing deal after deal. Other cashiers will tell you that you can’t use the RR until your next visit even though that’s not what the coupon says. Some cashiers won’t let you use a walgreens coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon together. It can be frustrating but some of them don’t understand that Walgreen’s gets money from the manufacturers for the mfq’s. They think that we’re giving the product away. And some of them are just cranky and not very customer-service oriented.


  3. my walgreens offered to price match it to $2.25, i guess i’ll ask them to knock it down to $2 (save myself the CA tax -__-)

    btw, steph i think your rss feed isn’t working.. if it was, i would have known about the coupon issue before i went to the store!


  4. My Walgreens would not adjust down the Ecotrin coupon or the $2 Cutter repellant coupon (1 oz. for $1.99). Any tips? I even asked and she said no!


  5. Walgreens said they changed their RRs- You can not use a RR to receive a RR Even if it is a different item then the one you are purchasing. They also told me that I could not use more than one RR at a time for purchases anymore.


  6. I was in Walgreens this morning and I bought the Nivea, Rembrant, and Bayer with RR’s I had from last week, but new RR’s did not print out. When I asked the cashier she said it was because I had paid with RR’s. I asked for a manager because I have done it before and always get the RR’s. She just said a lot of things are changing and had to print new RR’s for me. Did anyone else have any problems?


  7. Stephanie,

    I have to thank you because I look at the Walgreens add on line every Sunday morning, but this time I didn’t see the Suave add until the third time around! I would have totally missed it had I not been reading your blog.
    So, here’s the deal I plan for tomorrow. Sadly, in Florida, it’s the tax that kills ya. I won’t be counting that here. Also, in Florida, we require very good sunscreen. We really like the Neutrogena, and I was thrilled to see it was $2 off. I know from checking last week that it normally runs $9.99. So, it should be $7.99 this week.
    Transaction 1-3 Suaves, use $1 Q and $2 RR from the rubber bands two weeks ago. Pay $2.01. Get $2.
    Transaction 2- Nivea Body Wash, use $1 Q and $2 I just got. Pay $1.99. Get $4.99.
    Transaction 3-Buy 2 Neutrogena Sunscreen with Helioplex for a total of $15.98. Use $4.99 RR from Nivea. Pay $10.99. Get $5.
    The cool thing is that even at target the sunscreen is $8.99 and there are no coupons. So, for the same amount (or less) I would pay full price for the sunscreen, I’m getting 4 other items by working this deal.
    By the way, I read a cool idea on a blog that even if you don’t need body wash (which I do not), it can still fill the hand-soap dispensers by the sink, which when it’s free is fine with me.

    Amanda’s last blog post..Weekly Menu-April 26, 2009


  8. I went to Walgreens this morning and there were no rebate books out. The clerk told me they were eliminating them. I noticed they don’t have the new book on-line either. I will miss getting the extra 10%!


  9. Hanna,

    I got a little excited when I read your comment! You have got it right!! I love it when someone “gets” it!!

    Yes, that is exactly how you would do it! Unfortunately I just found out that the Chapstick and Skintimate deals are over. 🙁 But, you can apply the same way of “rolling the RRs” to some of the other deals.

    The cashiers sometimes care and sometimes don’t. It is their job to ring up our transactions – shouldn’t they be happy that we are buying so much stuff? I’ve learned to ignore the rude ones and just have fun!


    It looks like the printable coupon is no longer available 🙁


  10. Can someone email me if they can get the nivea coupon to print? I used your link and it sent me to a page to fill in with info and when I am done, it says thanks for joining the club. NO coupon!! anyone know where it went?


  11. So I am new to couponing and Walgreens as well, so here is a question on RRs for this week. The Nivea body wash will print out a $5 RR, can I then use it on the Skintimate and Chapstick deals which would then print out a $3 and $2 RR respectively? Then proceed to use those two RRs on another Nivea (and also buying a filler) which will print out another $5 RR and continuing looping like that?????

    It seems too easy. What am I missing? And to cashiers ever get annoyed with doing multiple transaction either back to back to back, or if there is a line, doing one and then waiting for others and on and on?? The concept of going throug the line 5 times just seems strange and like they wouldn’t like that or allow it….but it seems as though that is what you have to do.

    Help enlighten me….thanks~!!


  12. Dianne,

    Found it! Thank you!

    The coupon will beep and the cashier will either need to push it through, giving you overage (you will need to have another item in your transaction to cover the overage in this event) OR they will need to manually enter the coupon value as $2. I’m hoping there won’t be too many problems with this Q!


    It is frustratingly common to hear that from cashiers. You CAN pay with RR if you are buying a different item than what you earned the RR for. When they tell me that I just say that I will try it anyway – then they are amazed when it prints!


  13. I just went to Walgreens yesterday and was trying to use a $5 RR I got for buying A&W this week to buy the shaving cream and chapstick, but the cashier told me that if I used a RR to buy a product then it wouldn’t print out any for the products I was buying. I thought you could use them as long as they weren’t received for the same product. She made it sound like you have to pay cash if you want the RR though. Is this true? Has anyone else had or heard of this problem?


  14. So glad I helped in any way at all since your site has helped me so much. I should have said that the Q I got was on smartsource.com. It did not specify a size, stating “Any Ecotrin Aspirin Product”. This was just last evening. I am sort of new to couponing, so I don’t know if it went away because I printed the limit of 2. If so, it might still be available. Anyway, do you think I will have trouble using a $2.25 Q for a $2 product at Walgreens?


  15. Dianne,

    Thanks for letting me know about the coupon! I looked into and it looks like the $2.25 coupon is for the larger size but there is also a $1 coupon that will work – makes it a $1 moneymaker!


  16. On the front of the Easy Saver Catalog it says the offers are valid March 29-April 25 so I think this is the last week they are good


  17. I enjoy your site & check it everyday to be up to date on the latest deals. Ecotrin is free after RR at Walgreens next week according to your post. Thought you might like to know that Smart Source has a Q for any Ecotrin Aspirin Product for $2.25. Makes a sweet deal even sweeter! Keep up the good work cause it is appreciated.


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