Walgreens Free Shaving Cream Update


I wanted to give everyone an update about the Free Edge and Skintimate Shaving Cream I posted about yesterday.

The Edge Cream is $2.99 and giving a $3 register reward instead of the previously posted $3.59 with $3.59 reward.

The Skintimate and Edge are part of the same deal.  You cannot buy both in a single transaction and get two $3 rewards.  You cannot buy Edge then use the $3 reward to buy Skintimate.  If you use the register reward that you earn from this deal to pay for another shaving cream then you will not receive another register reward.

It also looks like you can get any specialty Edge or Skintimate Shaving Cream and receive the rewards.  Including the Edge Shaving Cream that is on clearance!

Please let me know if you have any news about this deal and if it works out for you!


  1. I bought one of the normal Skintimates last night and the RR didn’t print for me either. The only tag was over the Edge shelf and they were wiped out. Bummer!


  2. I bought one of the “normal” Skintimates today (I think it was Strawberry and Mango or something like that) and the RR didn’t print. The manager wasn’t sure what products were included, and the only tag was over the Edge shelf, so he just gave me back $2.99 on a gift card. They didn’t have the new canister. I suspect it’s the new Skintimate only that prints the RR and I’m heading to a different Wags to try it out.


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