Walmart: Cheap Rotisserie Chicken

walmart rotisserie chicken

I just discovered a delicious Walmart secret!  My local Walmart sells their cooked rotisserie chickens and fried chicken pieces for just $1.50 after 9 pm!  They do this to push the sales because they will just be thrown away later that night.  Great deal for late shoppers!

Since that is cheaper than buying a whole uncooked chicken, I snagged 2 and pulled all the chicken off the bones to freeze and use for future meals.  Now I have cooked and seasoned meat to use for meals and it only cost me $1.50.  Wow!

Be sure to check and see if your Walmart offers a similar deal.  Only 2 out of 5 employees knew about this at my Walmart, so I would ask more than 1 person if I were you. 😉


  1. They actually have a time written on the chicken to show what time the chickens ame out of the oven and there is only a 4 hour holding time so if its more than 4 hours old then its probably not a good idea to buy it if you don’t want to get sick.


  2. Be careful about those, though. My SIL is an ER nurse and says she sees a lot of people that get sick from those chickens because they sit out so long….


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