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5 Easy Ways to Save Money with Zero Waste

I’ve started to think about how we could be more mindful of the planet and environment. I stumbled upon the idea of the zero waste home and that sent me down a rabbit hole!

Now, some of it is intense, but if you start out slow, it can be done (or at least you can reduce the amount of waste you have!). There are so many ways of being more aware of how much we’re wasting; and what we can do about it. I love some of the ideas that came up in my research:

  1. Use reusable bags at the market. Many cities, counties and states are already encouraging people to do this by charging for plastic or paper bags! In some counties, it can be as high as 50 cents per bag! So I like bringing in my own bags and saving a bit while also helping reduce waste. Shutterfly has some super cute options that you can personalize! And they tend to promote those as well, so make sure to sign up for their e-mail to take advantage of some great deals!
  2. Refuse plastic utensils. Try to bring stainless steel or wooden utensils when you’re out and about! It may seem like a pain, but just keep a reusable baggie with them in your purse and you’re all set! I’m loving these that I found on Amazon, they’re a great deal and you can really do your part in reducing plastic waste.
  3. Refuse plastic straws. I know it’s hard for some people (especially those with kids), but trying to cut back on this helps the environment in the long run. California has recently enacted a law where restaurants will only provide them if someone asks for one. Some cities have switched to paper straws altogether. I prefer to bring my own stainless steel ones since I think the paper ones just get so soggy so fast.
  4. Use glass containers for leftovers. Instead of plastic bags or plastic containers, glass containers are much better for the environment as well as your health. It’s not recommended to reheat in plastic, so glass is a great alternative. Although the initial cost may be a bit more than the plastic, they’ll last longer and you won’t be contributing to added waste.
  5. Use stainless steel water bottles and travel coffee mugs. These two things are so easy to have around the house and when you’re out and about. You’ll save a ton of money on using these rather than plastic water bottles and paper cups. Some coffee shops offer a discount for using your own mug too! Not to love on Shutterfly constantly, but they offer some great personalized options for both water bottles and travel coffee mugs!
For more inspiring ideas, check out Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home
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