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8 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

Father’s Day is right around the corner, but many families probably aren’t ready for big get-togethers or trips out just yet. Thankfully, a Father’s Day at home can be just as special as any celebration on the town. We think lots of dads will enjoy these eight easy ways to celebrate at home!

Suggest He Sleep In

Sleeping in can be the perfect start to an indulgent day. Let Dad know ahead of time that you want to treat him to a leisurely morning. You might even bring him coffee and breakfast in bed to encourage him to linger a little longer. The kids could help prepare simple breakfast dishes, like overnight oats or milk and cereal.

Play His Favorite Game or Sport

Games or sports may be some of a father’s favorite pastimes! Enjoying the activities he likes as a family can be a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. If your father likes games, you might have a game night with board games and/or card games. Feeling adventurous? Try a new game or create your own to make the night extra special!

If the father in your life likes sports, head out to the yard for a little practice. You might toss a ball around or shoot some hoops. And don’t be afraid to ask him for tips! Many fathers love sharing their sports expertise with their families.

Jam to His Favorite Tunes

Everyone has their own music preferences, so take some time to appreciate the songs Dad loves. Sure, some members of the family might not like his style, but it’s his day! Plus, if everyone takes some time to listen, they may discover Dad’s musical taste is better than they realized.

Make a Special Meal

Good food and good company can make even the most mundane day seem like a celebration. If you don’t have time to do anything else to celebrate, a delicious family meal can be satisfying on its own. Choosing foods you know Dad will love can keep the focus on him. And if you pair that tasty, personalized meal with a day full of celebrations, you might put together the best Father’s Day celebration ever! Cooking with kids? Here are 10 Kid-Friendly Father’s Day Recipes to get the ideas flowing.

Put Together Unique Gifts

Homemade gifts can show your family loves Dad enough to invest their time and energy into making something just for him. Even small children can make a special drawing or card, while older kids might work on more advanced projects. Check out these 20 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas for inspiration.

Share in His Favorite Hobbies

Maybe he loves putting together model airplanes. Maybe he can’t resist home repair projects. Maybe he’s a whiz in the kitchen. Whatever the dad in your life loves doing, try to come up with ways that the family can participate in his favorite hobbies. That way, he gets to do something he loves while the family gets to spend more time with him (and maybe even learn some new skills).

Take It Outside

If it’s a beautiful day, take the party out to your yard! You could have a picnic or a cookout, play yard games, or even just sit and chat. A leisurely day outside can be irresistibly relaxing!

Ask What He Wants To Do

It’s easy to rack your brain trying to come up with good ideas that will make Dad happy. However, simply asking what he wants to do can be one of the easiest ways to give him the day he wants and deserves.

What is your family doing to celebrate Father’s Day at home this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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