Couponing Basics
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Announcing Our Winners!

Thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to take our survey! And now, with no further ado, here are our two winners of a $50 Amazon gift card each: Diane Gallery and Leoisha Winters! Congratulations! Look out for an e-mail from us with the cards!

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Couponing Basics
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When to Use Your FREE Product Coupons

Everyone loves FREE product coupons. Finding a coupon that will get you a product completely free, no strings attached, is like finding gold for a couponer. Here’s a little secret: when you find a free product coupon, don’t use it right away! That’s right, I said don’t use it…..yet! Here are three ways that you can get even more couponing […]

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February Sales Cycle
Couponing Basics Grocery
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What to Buy in February | Seasonal Sales Cycle

Did you know that there is a “best” month to buy certain products? Have you ever wondered if the products you are buying are at their rock bottom price? Every product has a “seasonal sale,” and when grocery stores mark these items at their lowest price, this is the time to stock up! But how do you know when these items are at their lowest? […]

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Couponing Basics
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Stockpiling 101: How to Save Money with a Stockpile

For many, building a stockpile means buying lots of bottled water, batteries, and canned food in preparation for a snow storm or natural disaster. For couponers, it means never having to pay full price again. stock·pile – A supply stored for future use, usually carefully accrued and maintained. A stockpile is simply buying more than what you need for immediate […]

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