4 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Holiday Parties

Holiday parties can be lots of fun for adults. For children, though, they may seem to drag on and on. Sitting and chatting usually isn’t as fun for kids as it is for grown-ups, so what else is there to do other than eating and opening gifts? With a little preparation, holiday parties can be fun for children and adults alike. Here are our top tips for keeping kids entertained at holiday parties.

Bring a Favorite Book

If your child is a bookworm, indulge their passion! Bring along a book you know they’ll enjoy. Even if there are no other children at the party, many kids will be happy to find a quiet corner and read. To make the party more festive for them, you might consider bringing a holiday-themed book.

Bring a Small Toy

Many children can amuse themselves for hours with the right toy. Since parties can be crowded, though, you might want to avoid large toys that require a lot of room. Instead, focus on smaller items, like a handheld game or a small doll. If your child has already received holiday gifts, he or she might be particularly eager to play with those.

Set Up a Movie Room

If you can afford to set aside one room specifically for the children at the party, you might consider transforming it into a movie room. Dim the lights, have plenty of comfy pillows and blankets, and play popular children’s movies. When children need a break from the party, they can retreat to the movie room and enjoy one of their favorite flicks.

Play Games

Games can be fun for both kids and adults! Just set aside a game table with a few options, like a deck of cards, memory games, and popular board games. Then, people can separate from the big group for a quick game break. There doesn’t need to be a single dull moment!

What do you do to make holiday parties more fun for children? Share your strategies in the comments section below!

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