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Tips for Selling Kids’ Clothes on Facebook Garage Sale Groups

Is all of your storage space filled with clothes that your kids have grown out of? Instead of keeping it in storage wasting precious space, try selling it on Facebook Marketplace or a local garage sale Facebook group. Many communities now have Facebook garage sale groups that make it easy for parents to get rid of old clothes. If you’re ready to get rid of your kids’ old clothes, these tips can help you sell on a garage sale group.

Be Honest About Condition

If you’re selling clothes on a Facebook garage sale group, make sure you’re honest about the condition. If there’s a small stain somewhere on a shirt or if the pants have worn knees, let the buyer know ahead of time. Depending on the price you’ve posted for the item, many buyers will still be willing to purchase the item and you’ll have a guilt-free conscience about selling it to them.

Group Clothes Together

Instead of selling one piece of clothing at a time, try selling groups of clothes together. You can bundle these lots according to size, season or type of clothing. Not only can this help you make money fast, it also makes it easier to get rid of more clothes at once, making it a great strategy to use in order to clear your storage space.

Offer Discounts

Another great way to sell more clothes on Facebook garage sale sites is to offer discounts for multiple items or lots purchased. By offering group discounts, you’re encouraging buyers to purchase more from you. Not only does this benefit the buyer who gets a better price, it also benefits you since you only have to drive to a meeting place once, saving you time and stress.

Post as Fast Sale and No Holds

Different Facebook garage sale groups have different rules, but most groups require that you follow the line order in order to sell an item to someone. This means that the first person to comment interested is the person who gets the item. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some buyers will ask for you to hold the item until they’re paid, which can lead to you being stuck for days at a time waiting on a sale. Many times, these buyers back out last minute, causing you to waste time trying to sell the item. In order to protect yourself and save time, post the item as a fast sale with no holds. Although you’re still required to follow the line order, this allows you to skip a buyer if they can’t meet right away.

Selling clothes on Facebook garage sale groups is a great way to make some money and get rid of old kids’ clothes. Do you sell items on Facebook garage sale groups? Share your experience and tips with us.

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