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Walgreens Official Coupon Policy

As you can tell after reading my Walgreens 101 Guide, it can be kind of tricky to navigate the Walgreens savings and coupons system. To help out with that, the Walgreens official coupon policy is available online and is also available by request in-store! Here are some of the main points from the coupon policy that will answer some of your most […]

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FREE Coupon Policy App for iPhone/iPad!

Hurry and download the Coupon Policy App for iPhone/iPad for FREE! This app includes quick access to the coupon policies for popular stores like CVS, Kroger, Old Navy, Staples, Whole Foods, and many more. Don’t wait, this is a special offer for Independence Day – ends Friday, July 6th.

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“New” Coupon Policies at Stores – What You Can Do!

I seem to get at least 1 email per day that sounds something like this: “I went to the store yesterday and they told me they no longer accept printable coupons. Is this true?” Sometimes it will be about a new policy limiting the number of coupons you can use, or stacking a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon, but […]

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