Zero Waste
DIY Frugal Tip
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5 Easy Ways to Save Money with Zero Waste

I’ve started to think about how we could be more mindful of the planet and environment. I stumbled upon the idea of the zero waste home and that sent me down a rabbit hole! Now, some of it is intense, but if you start out slow, it can be done (or at least you can reduce the amount of waste […]

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DIY Recipes
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10 Money-Saving Instant Pot Recipes

The Instant Pot is all the rage these days, especially if you’re into meal prepping. This multi-tasking pressure cooker has been a total game changer in my kitchen. It not only helps me cook up unique and delicious recipes, it enables me to easily make large batches of them, saving me time and money every week. If you haven’t gotten […]

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DIY Parenting Tips
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5 DIY Teacher Gifts for the First Day of School

The first day of school is nerve-wracking for everyone… even teachers. Giving your child a gift to bring his or her teacher can make it easier for the child to meet the teacher and start the relationship on the right foot. Plus, it may make the teacher’s day! While gift cards and useful classroom items are always appreciated, a DIY […]

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DIY Pets
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10 DIY Pet Toys You Can Make Today

Your furbaby deserves a treat, but that doesn’t mean you have to run to the store and buy a new toy. That’s because pet toy manufacturers don’t have a monopoly on fun. These 10 DIY pet toys can be just as engaging as commercially manufactured products at a fraction of the price. Easy & Cheap Dog Toy via Instructables It’s […]

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How to Make DIY Dreamcatchers with Your Kids

Whether you’re throwing a kids’ party or just want something fun to do with your kids, making DIY dreamcatchers is a fun and affordable activity! I am obsessed with dreamcatchers. I’m really obsessed with the whole boho scene, but dream catchers are my absolute favorite. Did you know that dreamcatchers were originally made by North American Indians and were believed […]

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