DIY Valentine's Day
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75 DIY Non-Candy Classroom Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for some fun and unique classroom valentine ideas for your kids that aren’t candy, here’s a list of some of the best ones we’ve found. These DIY Non-Candy Classroom Valentines are sure to be fun for kids to make, give and receive! 1. Star Wars Valentine via Alecia Dawn Photography With fun phrases […]

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Homemade Baby Yogurt Melts
DIY Recipes
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Homemade Baby Yogurt Melts

Check out this awesome frugal tip that Melissa sent in for how to make your own homemade baby yogurt melts! “My son LOVES Gerber’s yogurt melts, but they are pretty expensive (around $3 for a small 1-oz bag) and when I read the ingredients, I was shocked to see the second ingredient is sugar. I decided to try making them myself.” […]

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Christmas DIY
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5 Affordable Ways to Go Zero Waste for Christmas

Christmas is often a season of indulgence. But between gifts, parties, and decorations, the holiday can take a toll on the environment. Having a zero waste Christmas can help you enjoy all the season has to offer without harming the environment. Even if a zero waste Christmas isn’t in the cards for your family, incorporating a few of these eco-friendly […]

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Upcycled Storage
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10 Upcycled Storage Solutions

After my “tidying up” adventures, I was inspired to find other ways of using everyday items to organize my life, otherwise known as my upcycled storage solutions! I like the idea of transforming items that I usually throw away into something useful. Plus, it helps reduce my waste, which is always a plus! Here are a ten crafts that I […]

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DIY Thanksgiving
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Affordable Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Delicious foods fill the table. The family gathers around to enjoy the feast. But something is missing from this equation. The holiday doesn’t feel as festive as you’d like. Decor can be the secret ingredient to transform a standard Thanksgiving into a holiday to remember. These four picture-perfect, penny-pinching Thanksgiving decor ideas can help set the mood without breaking the […]

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