September 2, 2014

10 Money-Saving (and Earning) Smartphone Apps

May 6, 2013

10 Money-Saving (and Earning) Smartphone Apps

With the growing number of mobile users now owning smartphones, new apps are popping up constantly that offer ways to save or earn money.

Below is a list of ten of my very favorite smartphone apps that can help you to both save and earn money!

1. Jingit - Watch short ads and scan products in store to earn cash! Read the tutorial.

2. Groupon - I’m sure you know about Groupon by now, but did you know they have an app? Most Groupon vouchers can be redeemed by showing the cashier the voucher on the mobile app! No more wasting ink and paper by printing the vouchers – or forgetting the vouchers at home (been there, done that)!

3. Ibotta - This app rewards you with cash back on your grocery store purchases! Read the tutorial.

4. Wrapp - Give and get free gift cards with this social gifting app! Read the tutorial.

5. Shopkick - Earn points for shopping at your favorite stores. You can redeem your points for prizes like a Starbucks or Target gift card.

6. Viggle - Earn points for watching your favorite TV shows! You can then redeem your points for prizes like gift cards to CVS or Sephora.

7. Plink - Earn rewards just for shopping at your favorite stores and restaurants! Read the tutorial.

8. Amazon - This may seem like a strange app for saving money, but I actually use it quite often! If I’m shopping somewhere and considering a purchase, I will usually check Amazon first to see how it compares in price!

9. Grocery Store Apps - Check to see if your local grocery store has an app! I love the Tom Thumb app because I can load ecoupons onto my card while I’m shopping in the store!

10. Couponing 101 - This isn’t exactly an app, but I do love having direct access to the website when I’m out and about.

10 Money-Saving (and Earning) Smartphone Apps

To get the little icon on your phone, just use your phone’s browser to navigate to At the bottom of the browser, click on the little square with an arrow in it. Several choices will pop up, and you’ll want to click ” add to home screen.” After you do this, you’ll find the icon on your phone, just like an app!

What are some of your favorite money-saving (or earning) apps?


  1. Treba Adams says:

    This will b awesome to have 101 @ my finger tips!!

  2. I use all these and also checkout 51 (but can do this on computer too), weather channel and other apps/widgets come with m points – earn points by checking into stores and more, gas buddy- check prices and earn entries in gas card sweepstakes when you enter prices

  3. Claire Conrad says:

    I also love SavingStar! You can use it at some big retailers and they have valuable, relevant coupons!

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